Baby tiger cubs and “Happy” the chimpanzee welcome to Adelaide’s zoos

Adelaide Zoo has welcomed three Sumatran Tiger cubs, while Monarto Safari Park has welcomed “Happy” the baby Chimpanzee.

Zoos SA is thrilled to announced that three tiny, stripy tiger cubs were born to Sumatran Tiger, Delilah, on Wednesday 21 December!

Critically endangered in the wild, the arrival of these cubs is a real moment in conservation. With only 400 left on the Indonesian island of Sumatra the threesome will shine a light on their plight.

People visiting the Adelaide Zoo over the next few weeks will see the cubs via the Cub Cam located in the immersion zone. Tiger cubs only leave the den when mum feels they are big and strong enough.

While Zoos SA is waiting patiently to see Delilah and the littlies ‘in the fur’, they will regularly update the Adelaide community on their antics.

Click here to watch CCTV of Delilah’s births and the cubs, and find out how you can support this critically endangered species.

Zoos SA is also incredibly excited to introduce the Adelaide community to “Happy” – the newest addition to the Chimpanzee troop at Monarto Safari Park.

The little one was born to 28-year-old mum, Hannah, on Wednesday – just in time for Chimpmas!

The announcement was made in an extremely special video message from world-renowned ethologist Dr Jane Goodall DBE. If you would like to watch Dr Goodall’s beautiful message to the troop, please click here.

This is particularly special as Dr Goodall, Founder the Jane Goodall Institute and UN Messenger of Peace, named Hannah’s first daughter, Hope, in 2019.

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