Bachie Fans Go Wild For Adelaide’s Biggest Finale Party

Affectionately known as ‘Bachies’, the fans of hit show The Bachelor are going crazy for a special Finale event being held at the Highway

We knew it couldn’t just be us and now we have the proof. EVERYONE loves The Bachelor! Ok, so maybe not everyone… Boys we are looking at you. Although, from what we hear, there are plenty of boyfriends and husbands who just can’t resist the drama packed reality show. Anyway, we digress. Our proof is what (?) we hear you asking…

What was a rather random event, just for the fun of it, has turned into something really quite serious. We are talking about love, after all. The Highway threw together The Bachelor Finale Party without realising that people would go absolutely bonkers for it! We totally get it though.

Join other Bachie fans as Sam chooses between his final two and professes his true love for the winner. But why wouldn’t I just watch this at home? Well, can you watch all of the heart wrenching action on a mega screen at home? Can you indulge in two specially created Bachie themed cocktails at home? Can you experience the final moments of the show you have been glued to all season with a whole bunch of other Bachie loving fans at home? We think not…

Before we go any further let’s just elaborate on those cocktails we mentioned. The Single Lady with its flavours of raspberry vodka, passionfruit and mango, will have you in the mood for love (and looking for your own rose). The Bachie, a cocktail jug (because every strong man needs a whole jug of drink) combines Tanqueray gin, Solerno and agave nectar. Leaving the drinker wanting more, just like the Bachelorettes want more of Sam.

Before you miss out on a rose (and by rose we mean mean spot) contact the Highway (this thing is booking out quickly and it is free) here. The Finale is on Thursday night and the event starts at 7pm!

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