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Emma Rebellato

The ABC’s senior journalist and TV/radio presenter, Emma Rebellato, joins the Bone Health Foundation as its newest ambassador with a particular interest in spruiking the word that it’s never too early to start looking after your bones.

“I had heard about the BHF’s great work in funding research into musculoskeletal conditions, but its work in schools is what really attracted me to the organisation.”

Talking about the FitBones Milk Run, Emma said that, “The Foundation has come up with a really fun and exciting way to teach children about building healthy bones. The Foundation’s two-metre tall mascot, Sammy Strongbones, visits school-children aged between 4 and 8 to promote the importance of calcium, vitamin D and weight-bearing exercise for healthy bone development. More than 3000 Adelaide children and counting, now have a better idea about what it takes to keep their bones healthy, especially during childhood, which is a critical time for bone growth.

Emma’s bone health would be typically stable at this stage of her life but she knows from personal experience that if you don’t start young then the steps to better bone health are harder to take – metaphorically and otherwise.

“I’m fortunate to have relatively good health, but I know many others who aren’t so lucky. Some members of my family need to take active steps to maintain their bone health and prevent further deterioration, so I know how important it is to get on top of things early!” says Emma.

“It’s vital to teach children about the importance of strong and healthy bones. It’s essential for everyone to get the right exercise and nutrients, but it’s especially important for children. If we can develop healthy habits early, then we can go a long way to improving lives into the future.

“The people who work for the BHF are passionate about what they do, and I’m really excited to become part of the Foundation.”

Emma joins patron John Fitzgerald and fellow ambassadors Alicia Molik and Anthony “Lehmo” Lehmann.

FitBones Milk Run

In a half-hour long session, participating children join in educational games and activities that promote the importance of calcium, vitamin D and exercise before receiving a curly straw and a serve of low-fat, cold milk (or water). The FitBones Milk Run can be booked by contacting the Bone Health Foundation on 8231 7884.


Photos by Belinda Monck Photography

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