Bag Raiders Coming To Rocket Bar

Sydney electronic duo Bag Raiders shot to fame in the late 2000s on the back of the huge rise in electro and synthpop across Australia. With artists on Modular in Australia and France’s Ed Banger really driving a resurgence in melodic and euphoric music and dance music festivals, the scene was set for acts like Bag Raiders to truly flourish.

Without doubt their biggest hit was 2009’s “Shooting Star”, a hypnotically anthemic earworm with an addictive synth line and a flowing chorus. The song in fact, had a resurgence four years later breaking into the ARIA Top 40 on the back of Australia’s Got Talent and is now, for some reason big with Adelaide United supporters.

As trends ebbed and flowed dupstep, trap and more commercial forms of EDM took over and this duo seemed to duck out of the spotlight. Now on the back of a US tour with heavyweights Duran Duran and Chic (think Nile Rodgers from Daft Punk’s last record), they’re back touring in Australia and hit Rocket Bar on May 26 for their Checkmate EP tour. (Grab tix here.) New single Checkmate is a more contemporary number, suited to today’s electro-pop climate and features silky vocals from SAFIA’s Benjamin Joseph and a slick staccato chime-based riff which leads into a more open chorus hook.

In the lead up to the show you can stream the EP below and discover why these guys are back better than ever.

Bag Raiders will play Rocket Bar on Thursday, 26 May. Grab your tickets now.

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