Balfours hint at big change to iconic frog cakes

The new owners of Balfours have said customers can expect their frog cakes to taste a little bit different this year. See what’s in store here.

The iconic Balfours frog cake is a staple amongst South Australians, but the beloved treat may be getting a facelift.

Last August, Western Australian company Aus Pie Co took ownership of the Balfours brand and many of us collected our breaths at the possibility of the beloved cakes getting discontinued.

But Aus Pie Co chief executive Bruce Feodoroff revealed the sweet treat isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, in fact, it will be receiving a ‘gourmet revamp’ by the end of the year.

While many of us will remember the mouth watering fondant cream of the cake, a new range of frog cakes will be made with butter cream, perfect for those looking for something less ‘sickly’. The cakes will also contain chocolate.

Consisting of a sponge base concealing a thin layer of jam along with a dollop of mock cream and a fondant icing slit to create that welcoming froggy smile and two beady eyes, the Frog was officially recognised as a State Heritage Icon by the National Trust of South Australia in 2001.

But the greatest part? You may not have to wait long to grab the sweet treat in other states, with Mr Feodoroff revealing the business has always intended to take the brand on nationally and eventually internationally. Great news for all our expats right?

There is bad news however, the kids-sized frog cakes will be off our shelves soon along with Balfours’ hot cross buns and other bread products. Mr Feodoroff revealed the company was running at a loss on some of their most iconic items. But hey, can’t win them all.

The sweet treats will continue to be made at the Balfours Dudley Park site in Adelaide, with Mr Feodoroff revealing the company’s Pie Face line of pastries will also be made locally this year.

Balfours was founded in 1853, making it one of the state’s oldest brands, with the first Frog cakes being sold in 1922.

The company was bought out in 2008 by San Remo, another iconic South Australian brand, but the sale of Balfours in 2023 marked the first time the ownership had left the state since its inception.

To learn more about the iconic brand, click here.

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