Ballerina turned podiatrist launches new brand to help kick discomfort

Should you sacrifice style for comfort? Absolutely not! SA entrepreneur Angela Ayres backs up that claim.

There is no doubt that we as human beings are constantly on our feet. Whether it be at work or home, there is an essential need to be comfortable when you are performing your daily tasks.

The need for effective foot support isn’t just a problem for later on in life. It’s an intergenerational priority that doesn’t just focus on your grandmother’s loafers. It’s for those uncomfy stilettos that you wear in the office or even your favourite pair of crocs that you can’t part with. Your feet go through so much on a day-to-day basis to not address the issue of support. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for comfort.

Founder and Director of arch support brand Spriing, Angela Ayres, is no stranger to the podiatry game, and her credentials speak for themselves. She is an Australian podiatrist, a professionally trained ballet dancer and of course, the hardest job of all, a wife and mum to 3 kids.

Angela credits her passion to the field of podiatry to her career as a young ballerina.

“I was three when I started dancing and left school at 13 to pursue it professionally and I had to work at 15 to support myself. So I know what it feels like to work in hospitality and be on your feet all day. As a dancer, I would go to the physio and the podiatrist and would constantly have crazy injuries and I would build unhealthy habits.

“I would have ingrown toenails all the time as a result of my point shoes. I had a lot of stress fractures in my foot because I am hyper-flexible and would constantly over-extend my feet. So I’ve been that client and I know how frustrating it can be for a health professional to address a problem in isolation, whilst dismissing the whole person and trapping the client into making compromises,” Angela says.

For those reasons, Angela decided to create Spriing arch supports which are a corrective device worn in the shoe and moulded to provide support for the natural arch of the foot. This is why arch supports are commonly used to help with knee, hip, and back-related alignment issues as well.

After her long-standing career in the podiatry world continues in a new role now, with Angela selling her practice of 20 years in order to pursue her vision of Spriing Arch Supports and help more people live better through supported feet.

Spriing Arch Supports promises to empower everyone to live their best life with supported feet. Spriing focuses on being the most aesthetically pleasing orthotics on the market, while also being committed to providing high-quality and easy-to-use products.

“With Spriing, I want to unlock people’s potential for a strong foundation for their body. Spriing is all about empowering people with the freedom that comes with supported feet. Most people put up with tired aching feet and bodies because they don’t know it isn’t normal, and they can actually do something about it,” Angela says.

The brand not only wants to make a profound difference to your foot health, but it also wants to make a profound difference to the planet’s health. For that reason, Spriing focuses on sustainability and waste reduction.

If you feel as though your body needs a bit of a pick-me-up, then why not change a pattern and pick up your very own pair of affordable orthotics. Spriing has a wide variety of colours and sizes that will be sure to suit any mood.

See the full range of Spriing Arch Supports, available via its website. Or you can see them for yourself, at Gathered Design Market on July 9-10 where Spriing will have its very own stall.

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