Banksia Tree Café launches hot new night-time burger bar

Get your burgers, shakes and beers at Banksia Tree Café’s new burger bar, Banksia Burger Co, open Friday and Saturday nights.

Everyone loves a good burger bar! And there’s now another to check out in town.

Much-loved café the Banksia Tree is diversifying its food offering once more and transforming into a burger bar on Friday and Saturday nights called Banksia Burger Co.

The concept of the evening burger bar was first hinted in July 2021. The idea finally bloomed last month, when they launched their delicious burgers on Friday 28 January.

“We asked the community what they wanted and what they felt the area was lacking,” said owner Fabian Folghera.

“First, people wanted somewhere where teenagers could get experience and have access to entry-level positions.

“Second, the community wanted somewhere families could go that wasn’t a pub.”

It sure looks like there is something for everyone at Banksia Burger Co, from classic, juicy cheeseburgers to vegan and spicy options. The flagship burger, The Royale – with Bacon, is a great place to start and was inspired by Fabian and wife/co-owner Hayley’s foodie travels.

“Hayley and I travelled all around the world, and the best trips were the food trips. I love a good burger, and all our experiences combined created Banksia Burger Co.”

The Royale with Bacon, in fact, was inspired by Fabian and Hayley’s trip to Alberta, Canada. Fabian worked as a Sous Chef at Saltlik Steakhouse for three years.

“Saltlik was partnered with the Alberta Beef Association, so they had access to some really great beef. Chuck and brisket mixed together makes for a really great flavour, and you don’t end up with a dry patty,” said Fabian.

“The burger at Saltlik was one of my favourite things to eat, and I like to draw some my experiences.”

The Royale – with Bacon

The burger comes with Banksia’s special burger sauce, which Fabian described as a “secret blend of five sauces”, creating a “magic ratio” of flavours.

When asked about the name of the burger, Fabian said he took inspo from Pulp Fiction.

“Everyone knows the quote from Pulp Fiction… ‘You know what they call a Quarter Pounder with cheese in France?’ ‘A Royale with cheese.’ So we called it The Royale – with Bacon,” said Fabian.

For our non-meat-eating friends, the menu includes a Vegan Tempeh Burger and Tofuchen burgers that look delicious. There is also the Diablo Burger featuring Banksia’s hot sauce, for those who like a bit of a kick.

Keep a keen eye on Banksia Tree, because they’ve hinted even more projects in the works! Including their first ever hot sauce event coming to you on Friday 4 March.

At the hot sauce event, Banksia Tree will be launching their brand new hot sauce range in style. Come down to get a burger, a coopers pale ale and a full bottle of hot sauce (valued at $12) all for $30. Available between the hours of 6-9pm.

While you’re indulging in burger heaven, pair your meal with one of the many milkshakes on offer. We personally have our eyes on the Choco Peanut Butter Milkshake! Yum.

The Banksia Burger Bar is quickly becoming a hot spot in the Port Adelaide area and there’s limited dine-in space, so be sure to make a booking to secure your spot this weekend.

Follow Banksia Burger Co on Facebook and Instagram.

Visit Banksia Burger Co at 147 St Vincent Street, Port Adelaide 5015.

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