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Barry’s Burgers & Big Shed Brewing unite to honour a piece of Fort Largs history

Introducing the Fort Burger and Fort Lager, available for a limited time in honour of the young cadets of the former Fort Largs Police Academy.

Fort Largs has transformed from an operational Fort, to a police academy and will soon become a unique central hub for people to live, work, play and call home. As we celebrate the future with burgers and beers (keep reading for more), let’s take a look at the humorous history of the historically significant landmark.

Fort Largs Police Academy, as acknowledged by the young cadets in the 60s, was not known for its tasty food options. In fact, there was a saying amongst the cadets that ‘no seagulls would fly over the barracks’ due to the nutritious (but unappealing) meals on offer in the mess hall.

By all accounts, the chefs were “great men with hearts of gold”, but with “possible stomachs of iron”, considering their “mystery” meat balls made with ingredients unknown.

While there remains to be no evidence of this occurring, it was rumoured that the young cadets would sneak off the barracks in search of a real meal. It’s said they returned with burgers, fish & chips from Semaphore, and even a sneaky beer or two. After all, what goes better together than burgers and beer?

As the story comes full circle, Fort Largs is releasing the Fort Burger and Fort Lager as an ode to the young cadets and the history of the Fort.

The Fort Burger is a tasty combination of two smash patties, two layers of melted cheese, a double portion of smoked bacon, topped with pickles, onion, and Baz Pepper Mayo.

The exclusive burger has been designed and created by local legends Barry’s Burgers, while the beer has been brewed by the good folk at Big Shed Brewing.

The beer label features the aforementioned seagulls, which will now be all-to-happy to fly over Fort Largs. The logo sees the bird’s head transformed into one of the two large cannons which still sit proudly atop the Fort itself – the likely perch many a seagull looking for a chip.

The Fort Burger and Fort Lager will be exclusively available from Barry’s Burgers (with chips of course) from October for a limited time.

As for the future of Fort Largs? Leading residential developer Peet will be transforming the site into a place you can call home, as well as completely restoring the historic Fort, turning it into a thriving food and event hub and opening it to the public for the first time in its existence.

It’s hoped that Peet – alongside future Fort Largs residents and the wider community – will uncover even more local legends about this historic location… all over a beer and a burger.

Find the Fort Burger and Fort Lager at Barry’s Burgers from Saturday 15 October.

Barry’s Burgers is located at 1/13 Semaphore Road, Semaphore SA 5019.

To learn more about the Fort Largs development, visit

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