Bazaar Potions—A Reverse Degustation Where Cocktails Rule

A dinner where booze is king and food has been designed to enhance your drinking pleasure? Yes, please.


The Pseudo Society likes to blur the line between event and experience — as curators of the rare and strange, their vaults inspire all five senses, from sight to taste.

Their documentation of The Life and Times of Samuel Kincoon, a globally notorious bartender and rogue, have inspired the team at Fleming and Freear to design a cocktail degustation based on his exploits and discoveries around his penchant for occult and potent brews.

This is a ‘reverse pairing’ dinner, where booze is king and food has been designed to enhance your drinking pleasure. Now this is an idea we can get behind.

Each cocktail has been inspired by a potion — from Jamu, used to help increase stamina and appetite, concocted with tumeric, ginger, cachaca, coconut, and pandan, to Chouchen (also known as the Drink of Druids), drunk traditionally from a teacup. This is your chance to indulge in something a little unusual and a lot wonderful.

The collaboration is further enhanced by installation artist Lynx and LittleHawk and chefs Samuel Clarkson (Former Head Chef Red October) and Cain King (Current Top 3 Restaurant) to bring the story back to life for a one night dinner event, Bazaar Potions, at Chateau Apollo this January.

Enter a space where everything is for sale and view oddities collected from Mr Kincoon’s travels around the world. Partake in the knowledge of cocktail masters while they take inspiration from these adventures to create five completely unique drinks in front of your table. You will be fed to satiation on one off original dishes while surrounded by a veritable marketplace of sensory entertainment including a tailored soundtrack by Joe Miller and a take-home piece of ceramics from Sami Porter Clay.

WHAT: Bazaar Potions — A Cocktail Degustation
WHEN: 29 January
WHERE: Chateau Apollo
TICKETS: $125 to $160 (Get them through Facebook or Eventbrite!)


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