BBQ Buoys Bring Back Lazin’ And Grazin’ This Summer

Chill ‘n’ grill, laze ‘n’ graze, or eat to the beat with the BBQ Buoys this summer.


Sunshine filled days are coming our way Adelaide, and with them begins the season of the coolest innovation on the Torrens yet—the BBQ Buoys. These bad buoys will be officially available to book from this Saturday 15 September to chill ‘n’ grill, laze ‘n’ graze, or eat to the beat.

There’s some new additions to the already fabulous concept, starting with a brand new buoy, aptly named ‘Lazin’ & Grazin’. 

There’s also some great new wines on board (see what we did there) including Bird in Hand, Grounded Cru, A Good Dirt, and Brothers At War. And if you’re hungry, the team can organise the most divine meat and cheese platters for up to five or ten people. You can also bring your own meat and veg to grill up on the BBQ should you choose.

Each donut shaped boat fits around nine to ten people, so it could host the perfect arvo out with your gal pals and it’s an even cooler option for a hens party—you won’t just be the bride to be, you’ll be the bride to envy.

With 4 Buoys in the fleet now, you can even book out multiple vessels, with a capacity of up to 38. Perfect for a catching up with mates, or even for a unique restaurant looking to host some clients, or a winery looking to hold a tasting while floating through Adelaide’s CBD.

What we love about this outing, is that you also have a chance to be at the helm of the buoy, as guests are schooled up and given the wheel, so to speak. The buoys are easy to handle and having one of the gang steer means there won’t be anyone imposing on your party! Your driver just needs to stay below the legal blood alcohol limit.

A new optional extra weather guarantee means, that if you book ahead,  pay the $29.80 insurance, and the weather turns, you can ensure a 100% refund or a reschedule of your booking (T&Cs apply).

There’s also a new eco tableware optional extra. From $9.80, the BBQ Buoys will provide reusable eco friendly tableware instead of the plastic ones they provide for a regular booking.

While the regular hours run from Friday to Sunday, from 12-8pm, there’s also now an extended night time operation area, with customers able to enjoy their night time cruise from Elder Park to the Weir, allowing you to gaze in wonder at our dazzling city at night.

For more info and to book a buoy, head on over here.

The buoys are back!

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