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B’Churrasco Brings Brazilian Meats With A Serving Difference

After seeing success in Melbourne, B’Churrasco has opened a brand new restaurant in Adelaide and they’ve brought more BBQ meat then you can handle. Are you up for it?

The resurgence of the Adelaide night life continues to power forward pretty much every week as more and more restaurants and bars open up around the city. With so many new locations within the CBD how do you distinguish yourself to attract attention? The key is experience. Great food and wonderful service is one thing but when you can craft an exotic and distinctive experience for customers to enjoy that’s where you make a difference.

Stepping up to the challenge is B’Churrasco. A Brazilian BBQ restaurant originally established in Melbourne and now expanding to Adelaide. They’ve built a reputation of finely crafted BBQ meats and lively atmospheres and they’re ready to delight a new market in Adelaide.

As I said B’Churrasco is all about experience so let me run down how that all works. You and a few friends head down to B’Churrasco’s for dinner, seems obvious. When you sit down at your table you will find a light there with a button on the bottom. When you’re ready to eat push the button and the light will turn green. This will notify the kitchen that you are ready to consume a large amount of meat. Servers will then come around to your table with a sword loaded with one of a possible 12 different cuts of meat. They will give you or cut off what you want and then another person with another sword will come along. This will continue for as long as your light is green. When you’ve decided you had enough BBQ-to-perfection food push the button on your light again and it will go red to signal that you’re tapping out.

B’Churrasco will have a large selection available in a variety of styles and flavours along with a choice of sides (Golden rule: Don’t fill up on bread.). Its more than enough to put you in a food coma. With cuts like garlic rump, parmesan cheese steak and spiced chicken wings I have no doubt you’ll be able to eat your fill.

You can turn on the green light now at B’Churrasco. Visit their website to make a reservation. They are located at the old PJ O’Brians on 10 East Tce in the city.

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