Be spellbound at this Harry-Potter-themed cocktail night!

Attention all Muggles! Conjure up potions for good, bad and delicious at this Harry-Potter-themed cocktail experience coming this July!

Attention all Muggles! This Harry Potter-themed cocktail experience is coming to Adelaide this August!

Much to Professor McGonagall’s approval, The Wizards Den will be transfigured into a chaotic classroom, full of everything from peculiar herbs and mesmerising crystals to enchanted caldrons with delicious concoctions inside of them.

While Ollivanders and Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes won’t be making an appearance, a bewitching selection of potion bottles and toppings will see all your friends and family become seasoned potion masters in no time.

Get ready to immerse yourself in this magical world of sorcery, spells and delicious Harry Potter-inspired drinks. Don your robe and sip mead as you learn the ancient art of potion-making from iconic potion masters such as Professor Snape.

As you are welcomed into the 90-minute immersive experience, you will be greeted with a welcome drink and two magical potions to start you off on your journey to becoming a master of sorcery as you conjure up potions of all kinds, good, evil and delicious.

Discover the secrets of perfecting your Polyjuice Potions and Felix Felicis while you chant and stir your bubbling cauldron with all your best mates.

For wizards and witches that have been in lessons with us before or have never visited The Wizard’s Den, you can expect the unexpected.  

Travel into a world of fantasy, magic, science and boozy potions as you solve riddles as our students update you on the latest ongoings with Morticia Le Mort – Headmistress of the esteemed school!

Grab your fellow witches and wizards, hop on your broomsticks and get ready to be transported into a world where imagination runs free!

Where: 6 East Terrace, Adelaide, South Australia
When: From 31-Aug-2023 To 29-Oct-2023
Price: $47pp (includes 1x welcome drink and 2x magical potions).

For more information and to book your magical experience, click here.

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