Be SPELLBOUND at this new Harry Potter inspired Market and Wizard Rave

A Magical Market and Wizarding Rave is coming to Adelaide’s Queens Theatre this June. Tickets are going to go quicker than you can say ‘golden snitch.

Grab your wands, take a walk down “Diagon Alley” and find visit Spellbound: A Magical Market and Wizarding Rave that will make all your Harry Potter-loving dreams come true.

Much to Professor McGonagall’s approval, Queens Theatre will be transfigured into a mystical market, selling everything from peculiar herbs and mesmerising crystals, to enchanted artworks, jewellery, and limited edition Harry Potter inspired candles.

Borgin and Burkes has been banned from participating in this event, so all cursed dark objects will be excluded.

While Ollivanders and Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes won’t be making an appearance, a bewitching selection of market vendors will see all your friends and family seasoned spellcasters in no time.

The market line-up includes Floyd & Frankie, Little Glow Candle Co, Hey Elsie, Jasper & Co, Our Euphoria, Frankly Gin, Spice Chariot, Aura Beads & Gem Stones, Potty Mouth, Simply Clay, Hilly Tilly Distillery, and Showblock Wines – with more to come.

The all ages market will commence from 10:30am on Saturday 25 June and is wheelchair accessible, so all witches and wizards can get involved.

Get your fortune read and know your fate before joining one of Spellbound’s many classes and workshops, including a Yoga, Spells & Breathwork Workshop, a Pottery & Potions Class, and Potions (Cocktail Making) classes.

The classes are as follows:

Yoga, Manifestation, Spells and Breath Work Class by Yogi Queen

Pandora will teach you how to shape shift through life one yoga flow at a time all while helping you navigate your internal world. Don’t forget to bring your yoga mat!

Pottery and Potions Class by Earth and Soul

Join for an enchanting afternoon of hand building with clay! You will be able to use your imagination and your creative flow to make whatever your hands and heart desires – think magical mugs, twinkly trinkets and goblets galore. You could even make bookends for your spell books!

Potions Class (Cocktail Making) By Hilly Tilley Distillery and Frankly Gin

Shake up an amazing cocktail in this class with one of their professors. Pour it into your own cauldron and let the magic happen.

After a busy morning of perfecting Polyjuice Potions and Felix Felicis, enjoy a delicious feast from one of the market’s many food trucks, including Frankies Pizza, What the croque, Potato on a stick, Stroop waffles, and Cane Sugar Cane Juice.

After an enchanting afternoon at the Spellbound Market, prepare to throw on your robes and throw down on the dancefloor at the Wizard World Rave.

Tickets to this event are limited to be sure to catch yours quicker than you can say ‘golden snitch.

With a “special gift on arrival”, Adelaide witches and wizards can pretend they’re at The Yule Ball and dance to their hearts content. With a list of spellbinding DJs, the Wizard World Rave is for 18+ only.

While there are no obligations to dress up for this event, if you want to rep your house colours, you’ll get ten points to Gryffindor!

To find out more about Spellbound, click here.

Where: Queens Theatre, Playhouse Lane & Gilles Arcade, Adelaide SA 5000

When: Saturday 25 June 2022

Mystical Market: 10:30am to 4:30pm

Wizard World Rave: 7:00pm to 12:00am

Cost: Market $3.00 online, $5.00 at door (Under 18s free); Wizarding Rave $44.00

Transport: For those returning to the ministry of magic, you are welcome to wait for the Night Bus. Alternatively, there are other public transport options and parking facilities available.

KPark facility (20 Playhouse Lane) – Open 5:00am to 2:00am

  • 1-minute walk from bus stop W2 and D1 on Currie Street
  • 8-minute walk from the Rundle Mall or Pirie St Tram stop
  • 8-minute walk from the Adelaide Railway Station

For more info on available public transport visit the Adelaide Metro website.

Spellbound is proud to be supported by the City of Adelaide, the State Government of South Australia and Adelaide Economic Development Agency as part of ADL Unleashed.

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