Be Your Self – Festival

Be Yourself ADT Festival 2010Reviewed Tuesday February 23rd 2010 (continues until February 28th)

Presented by Australian Dance Theatre

Venue: Her Majesty’s Theatre, Grote Street, Adelaide
Season: February 19-20 & 23-27 at 8pm & February 28 at 5pm
Tickets: $54-$69 (plus booking fees) available through BASS
Bookings: BASS 131 246 or

Garry Stewart’s premier season of his new work is an astounding piece of acrobatic artistry made to look simple by the Australian Dance Theatre ensemble.

The industrial soundscape by Brendan Woithe mimics the invisible mechanics of the human body – grinding, clunking, pumping and screeching as though we are mere machines. Micael Heynen and Professor Ian Gibbins’ spoken text is a poetic, scientific babble of body parts and organs names.

The stylised work examines the theory that we are not a singular unified self but a network of competing perceptions. A slanted rise forms the backdrop of an otherwise bare stage, but on that rise we witness projections, emerging body parts and a stellar lighting design by Damien Cooper.

The cast are superb, comprising Chris Aubrey, Emee Dillon, Troy Honeysett, Lauren Langlois, Larissa McGowan, Kyle Page, Tara Soh, Kialea-Nadine Williams, Kimball Wong and Annabel Giles.  Larissa McGowan was assistant choreographer.

Like most modern dance, this is an agile movement piece incorporating dance, acrobatics and abstract representations of emotion and insight into the human reaction to the world around us.

Memorable and impressive. Bravo!

Review by Rod Lewis, Glam Adelaide Arts Critic.

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