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Beachport Crayfish Festival returns to Limestone Coast

The Beachport Crayfish Festival is returning to the Limestone Coast this March, with family-friendly festivities, and a showcase of the region’s unique offerings.

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The charming town of Beachport is gearing up to host the second edition of the Beachport Crayfish Festival. This vibrant celebration of coastal wonders promises visitors an extraordinary day filled with great food, family-friendly festivities, and a showcase of the region’s unique offerings.

“Returning for the second time, we are thrilled to showcase Beachport and the Limestone Coast to our city friends. This festival celebrates our people, traditions, and the vibrant crayfishing industry that defines our coastal town,” Margie Bowman of the Beachport District Development Association, said.

Organised by the community for the community, this festival not only highlights the region’s produce and dishes but also pays tribute to the hardworking crayfishers who contribute to Beachport’s rich heritage.

With events like the ‘deckie’ competition and the Cray Pot Build Race, attendees will witness firsthand the skills and camaraderie that define the local industry.

“We look forward to showcasing one of the Limestone Coast’s most important industries and giving participants the opportunity to sample the best crayfish in the world,” Nathan Kimber, Executive Officer of the South Eastern Professional Fisherman’s Association says.

Discover the diverse and close-knit community of Beachport, where the festival caters to attendees of all ages. From engaging games to live musical performances by artists like Victoria Meyer, The Christy Wallace Trio, JB (Jason Baker), Leah Briggs with Andrew Clermont’s Supper Club, and Suburban Henry, the festival promises a day filled with laughter, music, and entertainment.

There will be 18 cray boats operating out of the port creating a great scene.

Minister for Tourism, Zoe Bettison said she’s delighted to see the Beachport Crayfish Festival back in 2024.

“The crowds really embraced this fantastic regional event when it first ran in 2022, drawing attendees to the stunning Limestone Coast and selling so much crayfish they’ve doubled for this year’s event,” Minister Bettison said.

“The State Government is proud to support this new event through the South Australian Tourism Commission’s Regional Event Fund, which is set to build on the momentum of its previous success and contribute to tourism in the Limestone Coast which is currently worth $558 million.

“Regional events such as these are great for the local community. Not only will this event showcase the very best that Beachport has to offer, but it also gives eventgoers a reason to stay and see more of the Limestone Coast, which has flow on benefits to other local businesses including accommodation providers, pubs, cafes, even the local service station.”

Event Details:
Date: 2 March, 2024
Time: 10am-10pm
Location: Centennial Park, Beachport, SA
Festival information and tickets can be found here.

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