Beam eScooters Have Landed In Adelaide

It seems Adelaide’s eScooter options are branching out, with competitor Beam arriving in Adelaide today.


For the month of March, Adelaide has been abuzz with discussions around Lime, a new, cheap electric scooter hire, in and around the city’s CBD.

While public opinion is split, on whether it’s a good idea to allow the scooters to operate, council has just extended the initial one month trial to allow the scooters to continue to operate for another four weeks, with a potential add-on of another six months.

It seems that decision has also opened up the market to competitors (there will be two licences granted 6-month permits once the initial trial ends), with today’s announcement that Singaporean e-scooter business Beam has Adelaide on its radar.

Today Beam are giving a demo of their purple scooters at 11:30am in Victoria Square. Hailed as a ‘safer’ alternative (by their own marketing peeps), Beam offers up two sets of brakes, allowing riders to have a more stable ride, and preventing the accidents that have been the cause of many Lime conversations this month.

While there’s no official word on whether or not Beam will land the second licence, they’re certainly here to make Adelaide sit up and pay attention.

To check them out, head down to Cafe 185 for a demo and a chat.

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