Beanhunter Finds the Differences Among Australian Coffee Drinkers

You Won’t Believe How Different Aussie Cities Take Their Coffee

The on going coffee-fuelled rivalry between Melbourne and Sydney continues with the two cities not even able to agree on what is the best milk based coffee.


coffee, a website and iPhone app that helps people find and share great coffee, has crunched over 30,000 drinks that its users have checked-in to see exactly what caffeinated-beverages their users are drinking and the results are in.

“It has been a very interesting experiment to see what people around the world have been drinking” said Beanhunter’s co-founder James Crawford. “While around 95% of Australians drink milk based coffee, it was really interesting to notice the trend of people drinking more and more brewed coffee. The results showed that Geelong has the highest proportion of brewed coffee drinkers (10%) with Melbourne coming in second (7.4%)”

Most popular drink by city:

1. Melbourne: LATTE

2. Sydney: FLAT WHITE

3. Brisbane: FLAT WHITE

4. Gold Coast: FLAT WHITE

5. Sunshine Coast: FLAT WHITE

6. Newcastle: LATTE

7. Canberra: FLAT WHITE

8. London: FLAT WHITE

9. Adelaide: LATTE

10. Perth: FLAT WHITE

11. Geelong: LATTE

12. Singapore: LATTE

13. New York: FLAT WHITE

14. Hong Kong: ESPRESSO

15. Hobart: FLAT WHITE

The most popular coffees that Australians are drinking are:

1. Flat White 23.9%

2. Latte 21.7%

3. Cappuccino 12.8%

4. Espresso 9.8%

5. Piccolo 8%

6. Long Black 6%

7. Short Macchiato 3.2%

8. Ristretto 2.8%

Beanhunter, an iPhone app and website that helps people find and share great coffee. It can be used anywhere in the world and allows users to rate the coffee shops as well as add new businesses. Beanhunter also increases discoverability for independent cafes and supports the specialty coffee industry.

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