Beautiful Redevelopment Set For Chinatown Plaza

The home of the $6 plate is going to undergo a dramatic facelift this August. Take a peek at the new plans…

The home of the $6 plate. Residence of arguably the most authentic Yum Cha in Adelaide. The most adventurous toilets in the Gouger Street area. Chinatown Plaza is a dear old place and nobody can question the majesty of its bustling melting pot of personalities and hot woks. But the building could use a bit of work.

So get ready for the doors of this old eating hall to close from August 1st, when the space begins a massive redevelopment, overseen by North Adelaide Firm Matthews Architects.

The team behind such spaces as the Frome Road Cafe opposite the University Of South Australia (currently occupied by the crew from Zouki) are going all out with a contemporary fit out that enhances the general hustle and bustle of the space. While current artist impressions suggest the consecutive communal eating tables will be no more, the re-imagined dining hall will looks set to become a major draw card of the Moonta St thoroughfare and hints at a potential future vision for the Markets Precinct and it’s adjacent eateries.

Will this be the end of the $6 plate? We’re not certain but we do know there are some tenancy opportunities available. If that’s something you’re interested in investigating, you should contact Chinatown Plaza via their Facebook page.

Here’s a closer look at the proposed development from Matthews Architects:

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