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Beauty: The Perfect Spring Manicure

Get the hottest nails on the block with the latest in Spring nail trends

Spring, Spring, Spring. It’s all we seem to be talking about lately… But it is only because we are so excited to say goodbye to the chilly and dreary days of Winter, and hello to the sunny and bright days of one of the best months!

While we are on the wonderful topic of Spring we only thought it appropriate to discuss Spring trends, with colour being the stand out (obviously). After the neutrals, blacks, greys and whites of Winter, we just want to throw some colour into our lives! What better way than with the perfect Spring manicure (or pedicure)!

We spoke with Jessica Kinder, the owner of Polished Beauty in Hazelwood Park, to find out what’s trending in the salon this Spring:


Who doesn’t love a pastel? They are so charming. They are the perfect way to add some subtle and sweet colour to your life without going too crazy…

“Our clients are loving the pastel colours at the moment, from pinks and purples to soft mushrooms.”


When you have a special occasion, think metallic. Gold, rose gold and silver are so on trend for this season. We have seen it in homewares and now we are seeing it in beauty! It might be a bit OTT for every day wear but we love this look for an engagement party or wedding. Shine, shine, shine (as a certain Real Housewife from Melbourne would say)!

Nails Metallic

Nails Metallic 2


This season is all about the short square… Gone are the talons like nails of yesteryear (sorry to the Kardashians who still rock this look). If you aren’t into the square look Jessica says that the almond shape (a little more pointy than the oval) is still very on trend, just at a shorter length,

Shaping your nails to perfection can do wonders in creating a longer, more thin looking finger.

“I would say almost all of our clients are now wearing these new shapes.”


One of the hottest looks in nails at the moment is the ‘negative space and clean lines’ look. There is something about a bare nail with lines painted in one (or two) colours that really stands out.

“It creates a really easy and funky look that is so on trend right now.”

Lauren Dilena rocking the negative space trend. Photo by Lauren.

Lauren Dilena rocking the negative space trend. Photo by Lauren.

But when it comes to nails, “…there are no rules,” says Jessica. Have fun, add some colour and feel beautiful with your hot nails this Spring.


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