Because We All Need A Good Bitchy Friend

Joel Creasey is back to offer his scything dissection of Australian celebrities he’s tracked down on Grinder and in nether-regions beyond in Adelaide this Friday.

As he steps out of the gym into the freezing afternoon Melbourne drizzle, Joel Creasey is unperturbed that his singlet and short-shorts ensemble has created a situation where his nipples are protruding out so far that any awaiting paparazzi may swarm to insist he’s pregnant.

Of course, he’s a celebrity but he’s not racing to leave the comedy jungle anytime soon. In fact, he expects it will be more likely that one day everyone will just stop talking to him at events before he has the chance to bow out gracefully himself. But in the mean time, Adelaide crowds have always been up for his no-filter style of comedy roast.

“I’m not looking to go into any sensitive, big world issues. I reveal naughty secrets about celebrities,” says Creasey. “I do it behind their back because that’s much nicer. It’s pop culture and it’s all bitchy, good fun.”

Of course, in recent years he’s been increasingly sharing venues and stages with the very people he’s bitching about, and while he’s still gunning for the coveted Logies host spot, he’d just as quickly host an assembly at a local high school if he got the offer. “I’ll do any gig, but it will have to be my style. Joan Rivers said to me to take any gig and make it your own. You put your own flare into it and go.”

This is a guy who knows his strengths and weaknesses, knows that some people don’t get his humour and that he’s usually in the wrong when making jokes. Avoiding eye contact at A-list events is an art he’s got down pact. That, and following around people he knows will make for good content in his show. Of course, for a young gay bitchy comedian, the Australian market is limited to metropolitan areas, which is why Asia and the US have been recent expansions for him. Creasey believes that international touring has strengthened his personality and his act, as subtleties required to cut through in other territories have helped him to develop new aspects of his show.

But coming back to Australia, he knows the circuit and knows audiences expect nothing short of his best. Especially in Adelaide, which holds a unique place in Creasey’s heart.

“I’ve not had too many bad experiences in Adelaide,” he laughs. “I always end up in the Mars Bar. The number of Adelaide men I’ve pashed is not triple digits yet, but it’s on the way. You’ve got options for late night booze hounds for myself, which makes this a far better stop than Sydney on the tour.

Joel Creasey will perform at The Arkaba on Friday, July 15 in a surprisingly ‘All Ages’ show. Tickets are available online now here..

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