Become Indiana Jones And Explore The Secret Tunnels Under Adelaide

Hurry, tickets go on sale today and sell out fast!

Surely we’ve all heard the rumours by now – the ones about the secret tunnels under Adelaide. Turns out the underground passages are real, and we finally have the chance to explore the secrets of one of Adelaide’s most fascinating colonial buildings.

Presented by the National Trust of South Australia, you’ll get to see Adelaide like you never have before. Wander through the underground tunnels like you’re Indiana Jones and discover the places where gold was stored a long time ago – who knows, you may even find some gold left over!

Tickets for the new round of dates go on sale from TODAY and every other tour has sold out in hours, so you’ll need to get your crew together and grab tickets quickly.

From the founding of the colony, through the gold rush era, Federation and two World Wars, the old Treasury building sat at the heart of South Australia’s political life. The tour includes the former Cabinet Room and underground passages where gold from Victoria was smelted to create Australia’s first gold coin, the Adelaide Pound.

They also have a handful of new dates for tours of Z Ward for the Criminally Insane at Glenside Hospital this month on September 9 and 17 at 2pm. Completed in 1885 and shut in 1973, this stand-alone building with its impressive and inescapable Ha-Ha wall, housed many of the State’s violent and criminally insane patients. Go behind the walls and discover Z Ward for yourself, at night. It gets scary though, so don’t say we didn’t warn you!
New October Treasury & Tunnels tour dates:
Sunday 1 October | 11am & 1pm
Sunday 15 October | 11am & 1pm
Sunday 22 October | 11am

Adult: $10.00
Concession: $8.00
National Trust Member: $7.50
Child: $7.00
Family: $30.00


UPDATE: This event is now sold out but we’ll be the first to let you know when any more tickets are made available.

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