Bedroom Makeovers: Modern Bedroom Trends For 2016!

Bedroom Makeovers: Modern Bedroom Trends For 2016!

Make your bedroom the haven that you have always wanted it to be…


A bedroom is like a person’s escape from the world. It should feel like a haven, a place that you want to spend time. No? Not so much? Well maybe it’s time to give your bedroom that makeover that it deserves. Luckily we are bringing you the hottest modern bedroom trends for 2016. Whether you have a big or small budget, these makeover ideas are bound to provide you with the modern bedroom you’ve always wanted!

We asked the guys over at Cultiver, the bedroom experts, to lay down the latest trends and this is what they came up with:

Clear Scandinavian Influences

Say hello to some Scandi! Scandinavian influences are so on trend, which is good news for people who like the warmth of traditional materials combined with contemporary colours. If you want to give your bedroom a modern makeover with Scandinavian influences, opt for grey and off-white furniture, flooring and accessories. However, if you want to keep the warmth of the traditional Nordic style, then keep some warm wooden accents in your bedroom.

Scandinavian style is all about keeping the light as natural as possible. Why? Well Nordic style looks best in natural light, which means this style will work well in a bedroom with large windows and plenty of sunlight. It isn’t a great idea to introduce Nordic styles to a bedroom when there is insufficient natural light, it just doesn’t work with the look. Considering that the modern Scandinavian bedroom needs to have a clean and tidy appearance, too much lighting would only take away from that.

When it comes to bedding, keep it simple with grey or white bedding. We like the options from Cultiver.

Cultiver 3 Cultiver 5

An Environmentally-Friendly Option

For the environmentally conscious out there, this is the trend for you and it works for every bedroom!

Get down and busy and recycle rather than heading to the store to buy the latest furniture etc. In a bit of a juxtaposition you can use reclaimed wood to create the modern bedroom you have always dreamed of!

So why recycle an old piece? Well it will add texture to a room. If your bedroom is dominated by glass, stone or concrete, reclaimed wood will provide a stunning accent that will leave you feeling like you have entered paradise!

Feeling super handy? Why not try and create a bed out of old wood?

Custom-Made Headboards

Usually when you enter a bedroom the first thing that you notice is a bed. So make it a statement and custom make a headboard. Keep the good vibes going by adding the perfectly paired addition of bed linen, a throw rug and some scatter cushions to compliment the headboard.

Cultiver 7

Cultiver 2

CultiverCultiver 6

Add a little style to your bedroom with these trends and enjoy your room of rest a little more! For more amazing bedroom accessories head here.

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