Adelaide Fringe

Beer, Food And Fabulous Shows; The Fringe Venue You Need To Visit!

But hurry before it is all over…

Fringe director Helen Croall was determined to paint Adelaide the colour of her hair – PINK!

But one of the Fringe’s star international attractions is doing a fair job of painting the town GREEN!

It’s the Irish Showcase – a trilogy of outstanding performances at The GC in Flinders Street’s German Club all this week.

And while you can’t get Guinness, Adrian vom Berg from the Club highly recommends the dark German beers known as ‘Dunkels’.

“We have two normals and four double strengths”, he says, “they’re all different textures and flavours and they’re all terrific!”

And for parochial locals the Club also sells Coopers’ Extra Stout.

But you don’t need a spoonful of sugar to help these Irish plays go down – these are the stuff of major festivals – rave reviews for all and direct from Dublin and last year’s Edinburgh Fringe.

Two are already Adelaide Fringe winners and Pat Kinevane – writer and performer in Underneath – is a nominee for this year’s Oliviers – and that’s about as good as it gets in the stage acting world.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry in Beowulf and Little Thing, Big Thing – combinations of bravura performance, hilarious invention and original writing that “spark with images of a humanity we can all recognise” and which “take audiences on memorable and enriching journeys”.

These are the small but international productions Fringe Director Heather Croall is calling on the people of Adelaide to “come out strong for in the last week of Fringe”.

Keep laughing at The GC … perhaps even disappear … with Paul Dabek’s magical and side-splitting smash hit Nothing up my Sleeve, every night at 8 pm.

Eat, drink, stay and enjoy. The German Club’s new Chef, Thornton Farmer, is a real star– cooking up a storm in the Bistro Alstadt – to rave reviews from drooling patrons!

Enough said, we are there!

Find out more about the shows and how to get tickets here.

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