Beerenberg Farm Celebrates 50 Years Of Growing Strawberries

The international brand remains proudly family-owned, with the farm and original shopfront still located in Hahndorf, South Australia.


One of South Australia’s favourite jam, condiment and sauce brands, Beerenberg, is celebrating a milestone this month, reaching half a century of growing strawberries. The now-international brand remains proudly family-owned, with the farm and original shopfront still located in Hahndorf, South Australia.

“As a family, this milestone is important to us because 50 years ago dad took a risk in moving from dairy farming to strawberry growing as there weren’t many strawberries being grown in the hills at that time and he really didn’t know if it was going to work,” says Marketing Manager Sally Paech.

“Luckily he took that chance, because one day early on, some leftover fresh strawberries were turned into jam and that was the birth of Beerenberg as we know it now.”

Beerenberg now produce over 100 different jams, condiments, meal bases, and slow cooker sauces, as well as still operating their famous strawberry farm. But it was from humble beginnings that the business grew, something the family are still very proud of to this day.

“We are proud that we are still family owned, and six generations have lived and worked on this farm since 1839. We are deeply connected to our heritage and this property and we see ourselves as stewards of the land, looking after it for future generations.”

To celebrate the milestone, the family are launching a brand-new jam into the mix – the ‘Strawberry & Rose Jam’ which pays homage to the late Grant and his beloved wife Carol who used to grow the roses at the farm.

“I know our dad would be extremely proud of this milestone and all that our family has achieved since that first patch of strawberries was planted on our farm,” says Sally.

“We are thrilled to launch this limited-edition Strawberry and Rose Jam that pays homage to the beautiful partnership in life and business that mum and dad had.”

It’s not just South Aussies that get to spread, dip, dunk and munch on Beerenberg’s goodies these days, with the company proud to now have a presence in 25 countries.

Last year they launched in the United States, their products now available in over 100 specialty grocery stores on the West coast. They’re also still served in the air, a partner with Qantas since 1987, and can be found on breakfast tables in over 300 hotels worldwide.

The limited-edition gift box is available exclusively from the Beerenberg Farm Shop in Hahndorf and the Beerenberg online store. As the first strawberry was picked in 1969, the product will retail for $19.69.

Find the Beerenberg Farm at 2106 Mount Barker Rd, Hahndorf SA.

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