Beneath Lindes Lane, Look Behind The Hidden Door…

Adelaide can now sit beneath the very heart our shopping precinct and discover some old world charm at Lindes Lane’s The Barlow Room.

In a few short years, we’ve already become accustomed to walking down side streets. Once dark and dead come night time, these are now the avenues to refuge where small holes in the wall have helped ground us and allowed citizens to rediscover our city. The next evolution though, is beyond on street level.

While it’s dark underground, that doesn’t mean that in Adelaide it’s not warm.

Lindes Lane Barlow

For some time, hidden beneath Lindes Lane and behind a moveable wall which is fronted by a classic old fireplace, has been a bar. Affectionately known as The Barlow Room (and while we love the terrible pun, it’s because this happens to be the old Barlow Shoes building), it has been preferred as a function space though we’ve also heard rumours of long nights spent behind it’s doors enjoying gallons of wine and good times.

But starting from today, Adelaide can now sit beneath the very heart our shopping precinct and discover some old world charm. The Barlow Room is not large, but nor does it need to be. It is an intimate space best enjoyed seated upon one of the low lounges or at the central long table. Place a glass of wine or a classic cocktail in your hand and look directly at the person sitting opposite you. Enjoy their company, enjoy your drink and enjoy the knowledge that as the world races past above, you can sit in a simple moment of pleasure.

The old piano in the corner is ripe to be heard on occasion, while the walls are liberally adorned with old paintings and vintage brick-a-brack. Perhaps the nicest touch is the glowing fireplace, which while not lit with a convention ‘real’ fire, nonetheless adds to the endearing charm and atmosphere of the room.

Lindes Lane Barlow Bar

The bar menu is not trying to over-extend you with an overly fancy list, but they are offering some refreshing twists on old classics like the Dark And Stormy. Their wine list is also easy to enjoy and alongside a great craft beer selection and extensive spirit offering means you’re not missing anything. Food is just a stair walk away, which if you can’t manage is probably something you should share with your doctor. Or you can always request a cheese plate.

Lindes Lane Barlow Bar

Lindes Lane Barlow Bar

The 1920s never went out of fashion. And neither has Adelaide’s thirst for exploration. Or for drinks, for that matter.Lindes Lane    Lindes Lane
The Barlow Room and Lindes Lane are located just off Rundle Mall, next to Rundle Place. For more details, check their Facebook, or their website.

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