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Big Brother Contestants Revealed Ahead Of A Whole New Game

Three South Aussies are amongst 20 new housemates in the series return of Big Brother, after 6 years off the air.


Twenty years ago, nine people entered a purpose-built house to be watched 24 hours a day, seven days a week by Big Brother and it changed Australian TV forever.

Now, after six years off our screens, one of the world’s biggest entertainment formats is back. Big Brother has been watching and he’s ready to play.

In 2020, Big Brother will follow a modern generation of 20 unique and ambitious Housemates, ranging in age from 19-62 and representing a broad cross section of Australia. They will live together for six weeks, cut off from the outside world in a custom-built house fitted with cameras and microphones recording every inch of the house and their every move, 24 hours a day.

This year, the game has evolved with Housemates competing in epic Nomination Challenges. The winner has the power to nominate three of their fellow Housemates for eviction. For the first time in Australian Big Brother history, Housemates will then cast individual votes to evict one of the three nominees from the house.

Along with the mind-blowing Nomination Challenges, Big Brother will keep Housemates on their toes by having them compete in hilarious and crazy House Tasks that will reward them with everything from shopping money
and dinner parties, to tear-jerking messages from their loved ones.

With Big Brother throwing twists and turns in a house full of surprises, Housemates will have to play harder than ever to stay in the game. Host Sonia Kruger will be there every step of the way to question their strategies and pick apart their motives.

In the end, Australia will decide in a live finale which of the final three Housemates deserves to win Big Brother and the $250,000 prize money.

Meet The Contestants

Allan, 31 Sydney

Allan is a high-achieving corporate salesman from Sydney who will do whatever it takes to win Big Brother. Being mediocre just doesn’t cut it for
this self-described master manipulator. He will use strategy, stir the pot,
poke the bear and give it his all
to be there at the end.


Garth, 50 Sydney

Fab, fun and a little naughty, Garth is setting out on his Big Brother adventure to prove to himself and Australia that you can still play hard at 50.


Casey, 25 Perth

Self-described bogan Casey likes pushing herself and she’s ready to give Big Brother a red-hot crack. This creative, clumsy, self-deprecating free spirit says that growing up in Kalgoorlie gave her a country mindset
and shaped her into the respectful, open-minded person she is today.


Danni, 34 Townsville

Married mother-of-two Danni feels she’s going to bring the “real” to this reality competition. The former hairdresser turned call centre service officer describes herself as a typical Aussie into music, movies and new experiences.
Having her first child when she was just 18, Danni is proud of the lifestyle she’s achieved and now is the perfect time to live out her Big Brother dream.

@uniek. danni

Angela, 38 Perth

Born to stand out, not to blend in, Angela was raised in the “Beverly Hills of Kenya” before moving to Australia without her parents when she was just 17. Unapologetic and with strong opinions, Angela isn’t afraid to express herself. She had to fight to get where she is today and while her confidence may come across as arrogance,
Angela would rather get it all out than regret things not said.


Angela. 26 Perth

Confident, cutthroat and super competitive, Hannah is going to tackle the game of Big Brother with a vengeance. The fit, bright communications specialist won’t let boys try and beat her at anything. Boys don’t scare her; in fact, she’s not afraid of anyone. She’s even earned the nickname ‘Bulldozer’ because she’ll let nothing stand in the way of getting what she wants.


Ian, 25 Perth

Inquisitive by nature, there’s a science to Ian’s motivations for applying to Big Brother.
Growing up in the bush as an only child, Ian developed a fascination with ecology
and biology, which his geologist parents encouraged.

Kieran, 21 Adelaide

Kieran may appear shy and unassuming but don’t let his looks fool you. This outgoing kid from Adelaide is ready to play a bold, strategic game and will do anything to win Big Brother.


Daniel, 28 Melbourne

Former AFL player Daniel is a loveable larrikin set to make his mark on Big Brother. Daniel started playing footy when he was 13 years old, ending up as a ruckman for the Gold Coast Suns and then Carlton.


Chad, 27 Sydney

There’s more to male model Chad than meets the eye. This kid from Campbelltown spent 10 years in construction until a model scout walked past his job site and signed him up, straight off the scaffold. He’s since travelled the world and modelled for the likes of Vogue, GQ, Country Road, Superdry and David Jones.


Laura, 25 Melbourne

Fierce, fabulous and unique,
Laura is pumped to bring her
“good vibez” to Big Brother.
Born and raised in Melbourne with a Fijian and Australian background, Laura dropped
out of school at 17 to pursue dancing and has never looked back. After training in NYC
and LA, this #bossbitch is now living her dream as a professional dance teacher,
choreographer and performer; as well as running her own youth outreach programs.


Talia, 22 Adelaide

Talia isn’t your average 22-year-old woman. In fact, people are usually shocked to discover this blonde beauty works in construction and was a homeowner at just 19. Smart, strong and confident, Talia is looking forward to smashing through more gender stereotypes in the Big Brother house.


SooBong, 48 Adelaide

Adelaide delivery driver SooBong has been a singer, ski instructor, casino dealer, personal trainer, golf coach, sound engineer and vocal coach, and now has his sights set on becoming the winner of Big Brother.


Sarah, 19 Melbourne

Sarah is a 4’11” pocket rocket
and Regimental Sergeant Major
with the Australian Army Cadets. What she lacks in height, Sarah makes up for with personality, passion and positivity. She loves beating people’s perceptions about her based on her stature.


Marissa, 62 Sydney

Sydney makeup artist Marissa
is ready to show Australia that age is just a number! The competition’s dark horse is no stranger to the spotlight. Marissa and her twin sisters brought aerobics to Australia in the eighties, becoming household names as The Rancan Sisters, with daily morning TV appearances, celebrity clients and a cult following.


Mat, 30 Broken Hill

Country bloke Mat was born and raised in Broken Hill, or as he calls it, “God’s Garden.” By coming on Big Brother, this down-to-earth sparky is not only hoping to challenge himself but give the people of his town and surrounds something to smile at and
with any luck, make them proud to call him one of their own.


Sophie, 25 Darwin

Former elite gymnast Sophie is landing a lifelong dream when she enters the Big Brother house. Born in Germany and raised in Darwin, Sophie started to train as a gymnast from a young age, moving to Canberra as a teenager and
then onto Brisbane to pursue her passion. When she was 18, she made the team for the 2012 London Olympics but a career-ending back injury forced her to retire from elite sport.


Shane, 39 Tweed Heads

Shane is an effervescent husband and father-of-three with a wicked sense of humour. In coming on Big Brother, Shane wants to prove to himself and his kids that anything is possible.


Xavier, 23 Sydney

Surfer boy Xavier is likely to be the cheekiest and most chilled out person in the Big Brother house. But look past his boyish charm and laidback persona and you’ll find a deep-thinking paramedic with a kind heart.


Zoe, 39 Melbourne

Melbourne fun mum Zoe is a secondary school woodwork teacher who moonlights as a lifestyle blogger with her popular blog, ‘The Subtle Mummy.’ Subtle as a brick to the face, Zoe loves talking about all the taboo subjects
that come with being a wife and mother of two kids under six.


BIG BROTHER > Premieres Monday June 8 at 7.30pm | Continues Tues & Wed 7.30pm | @bigbrotherau #bbau

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