Big Shed Brewing assemble expert task force to reach new heights

Adelaide’s Big Shed Brewing Concern has brought together industry experts to form their new Advisory Board to help them achieve even greater heights in South Australia.

Header image: Big Shed Brewing Concern.

Adelaide’s Big Shed Brewing Concern has brought together industry experts to form their new Advisory Board to help them achieve even greater growth and drive their strategic agenda.

Big Shed Brewing was started by the Harris and Basford families 7 years ago in an industrial estate in Royal Park. In that time it has grown from a 2 person operation to a local institution, employing over 40 people.

Moving from a 250 square metre warehouse to a custom-built space of some 4,000 square metres, Big Shed Brewing have tripled their production despite the pandemic through constant learning from Craig, Nat, Jason and Rachel, the team behind the successful operation.

With each progressive step, the team say they strive to employ people with more expertise to supports their own passion, creativity and work ethic and the next phase in the continued growth of Big Shed Brewing is the recent formation of their hand-picked Advisory Board.

The Advisory Board consists of individuals with broad skill sets both from within the brewing industry and beyond, who will provide insight and coaching for Craig and Jason as they execute and further develop their strategic plan.

Jake Parkinson, former CEO of the SANFL and previous Regional Director SA/NT at Lion Beer heads the initial Advisory Board of three with John-Paul Drake, Director of Drakes and commercial law transactions expert Christos Tsonis, Director of CXT Legal also accepting appointments.

“The boys have done a great job getting the Big Shed brand and products into the market and building a great business,” says Parkinson.

“Our role is to bring our own experiences to the table to challenge and coach the team to explore alternate opportunities and take a path with is strategically aligned to their business objectives; for them to gain the benefits of the collective knowledge in the room”.

Basford is equally excited saying, “To be able to call these guys friends, people who have run or are still running truly iconic SA businesses is humbling. To be able to meet with them, have them hold us accountable to and challenge our strategic plan, to help us where we need and provide a guiding hand, I feel like there’s no stopping us.”

With Harris adding, “We’ve always just been the guys doing the lot and we’ve made it work. We’ve never seen ourselves as CEO’s or directors before although that’s what we are and having the Advisory Board to bounce ideas off of helps improve our leadership rapidly which will only help boost our trajectory.”

The assembly of the Advisory Board is only the latest step in Big Shed Brewing’s continuous drive to improve what they do and how they do it to result in better products and a better experience for their loyal customer base.

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