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Big Shots Café launch app to make morning coffee runs easy

Big Shots Café has just launched an app for its Lonsdale location so you can order coffee and tucker on the go.

After making a successful go of Big Shots Café in Brighton, owner Joshua Anderson opened a new location among the industrial suburb of Lonsdale last year with a coffee roastery on site.

That new location has gone from strength to strength, now offering up an app for download on the apple and google stores, so you can order your coffee and take away tucker from your phone.

“The Lonsdale location is in a high tradie area among warehouses and factories. We wanted to let people schedule orders for their smoko or lunch breaks, or order on the go, pay for them and have their order ready when they want it,” Joshua says.

“It’s part of our service to offer something extra as a matter of convenience for people. We’ll keep it there for people who think there’s a good use for it and makes their day easier.”

The Lonsdale Big Shots site is more than just a café, it’s also a fully-fledged coffee roastery offering visitors a truly unique experience. Big Shots will be roasting two varieties of their own beans right there on site, plus various single origins, which can be purchased via the app or in store and in take-home packs (1kg bags, 450g and 250g cylinders are available).

The Boom Shaka Latte, which is perfectly designed for milky coffees, is Big Shot’s signature blend which the brand spent time perfecting.

“We create our own blends and profiles. We have our staple blends which we have all the time, but we’re always playing around and experimenting with different profiles and then once we find ‘the one’, our roaster uses computer aided controls, to help us replicate those perfect profiles for consistency,” Joshua says.

From mid-June, Big Shots will also be launching capsules of your favourite Big Shots coffee, compatible with Nespresso machines, and pour-over coffee bags, which will both be compostable. It’s an exciting new step for the brand.

Big shots are ever-expanding and evolving with new ideas and products always in the mix, making it an exciting space to watch grow.

“We have extended our hours as well. We’ve been doing 6:30am – 2pm because people have been really loyal in the morning, but we’ve extended it to 4:00pm. We’ve been selling more coffee paraphernalia like tamps, coffee scales, hand grinders, pour over kits and want to get to a place where we’re selling electric grinders and espresso machines for the high end consumer market,” Joshua says.

Big Shots Café

Brighton: 65 Jetty Rd, Brighton SA 5048
Lonsdale: U1/57 O’Sullivan Beach Road, Lonsdale

Apple App Store: Click here
Google Play Store: Click here

Boom Shaka Latte – 1kg: Click here
(free express shipping or pick up from either store)

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