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Billie Justice Thomson’s latest exhibition brings your favourite flavours to life

Local artist Billie Justice Thomson brings everyday objects alive with her vibrant artwork.

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Billy Justice Thomson has established herself as a pillar of the Adelaide visual arts scene, and her latest exhibition ‘Flavour Memories’ is demonstrating why.

Billie’s work reflects her obsession with the kitsch.

She finds the art in everyday activities like eating and drinking.

“I like the straightforwardness of simple objects. It’s an uncomplicated aesthetic intended for everyone. I don’t want to alienate anybody,” she says.

Rather than a traditional canvas, Billie creates her stunning images on Perspex; a solid, transparent plastic.

“Perspex means that I can paint on the inside. Everything is done in reverse, and it gives me these really graphic, bold colours. I’ve only seen it done a few times, so it’s something very unique to me.”

The process is unique.

First, she draws the image onto protective paper, using this as a guide to paint the outline of the drawing.

Then, the background colour is applied to the back of the image, and while this is drying, Billie mixes her matisse-structured paints into colours that beautifully encapsulate the objects she is bringing to life.

Finally, the front layer of protective covering is removed to reveal a stunning, vibrant illustration.

“To me, the process is the most obvious way of doing it. I’m making a colouring book for myself,” she says.

You may have seen Billie’s artwork around town.

She painted stunning greenery on the glass windows of The Simple Market on Henley Beach Road, and the mural outside of Roxie’s on Grenfell Street.

Her clients have also included Qantas, Gorman, Frankie Magazine, Kleins Perfumery and Lunar Store.

Billie’s current exhibition ‘Flavour Memories’ is a part of the South Australian Living Artists Festival, and she says it’s her best yet.

“I’ve made a conscious effort to not stress myself out this time, which is very easy to do when its such a huge investment, emotionally and financially.

“I made sure it didn’t get the better of me this time, and it was so fun to make,” she said.

‘Flavour Memories’ can be viewed at Ensemble Studios from 10am to 4pm until 31st August. Entry is free.

Find Billie Justice Thomson on Instagram, and shop her collection here.

You can find Flavour Memories at Ensemble Studios, 94 Gilles Street, Adelaide.

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