Billy Petropoulos’ four new eateries open in the Myer Centre

Rundle Mall’s Myer Centre is the new home to Billy’s Lane, an eatery hub including Boneshaker Cafe, Gelina Milk Bar, Little Pot and Bao.

Rundle Mall’s Myer Centre is the new home to Billy’s Lane, a food hub made of four eateries; Boneshaker Cafe, Gelina Milk Bar, Little Pot and Bao.

Billy Petropoulos, the beloved Adelaide chef behind Boneshaker, is also the man behind, Billy’s Lane.

“I am excited to share my passion and vision for Asian cuisine with this new offering to Adelaide,” he said.

“Our four eateries are focusing on fresh ingredients and novel experiences.

“Adelaide locals are always so welcoming to new concepts and I believe they’ll appreciate these new offerings,” Billy said.

Photo by Kelly Barnes
Photo by Kelly Barnes


Boneshaker is a burger and hotdog bar in Adelaide that has expanded to China, producing their own bread and South Australian meat.

Expect quality beef, chicken, breakfast and plant-based burgers and hotdogs on offer.

If you’re after something a bit healthier, you can ‘lose the bun’ and opt for a salad bowl without compromising on all your favourite ingredients!

Gelina Milk Bar

Gelina Milk Bar is the perfect cafe for all your sweet tooth needs!

The dessert bar offers a wide range of ice cream rolls, cookies, milkshakes, sweet homemade pies and soft serves.

They even offer cereal milk lattes, with the choice of Special K Cornflakes, Coco Pops or Lucky Charms!

Little Pot

For a more savoury experience, Little Pot offers you a traditional hot pot bar where you collect your ingredients that are prepared for you in a broth.

Little Pot also offers dumpling soups for any fellow dumpling lovers out there!


Finally, if you’re like us and can’t quite get enough of the bao trend at the moment, Bao offers you delicious looking buns or bowls filled with your choice of protein.

All of the eateries in Billy’s Lane focus on home-made and fresh ingredients, to provide customers with diversity and choice for food.

Billy’s Lane is located in the Myer Centre’s food court at 14-38 Rundle Mall, Adelaide.

For more information, visit

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