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Biscoff bubble tea now available at CoCo Tea

Get ready to get your Biscoff on! Coco Tea has joined in on the Biscoff trend and we are so excited.

We are about to blow your mind.

In case you have been living under a rock in recent months, the Biscoff trend has really took off. Biscoff related treats are popping up all over Adelaide. From Biscoff cocktails, donuts, tarts and more, you can practically find Biscoff anything.

And now, there is a new Biscoff treat to add to the line up.

Bubble tea chain Coco Tea & Juice recently launched their newest creations which all feature beautiful Biscoff. And they have not just made one Biscoff bubble tea, they have made three.

Introducing the Biscoff Cookie Jasmine Milk Tea (cream and cookie on top), the Biscoff Cookie Chocolate Tea (Biscoff cookie with chocolate milk tea and cream on top) and the Biscoff Cookie Shake (with cream on top).

Trust us when we say that these look just as good as they sound.

Coco Tea has multiple locations around Adelaide. You can get your Biscoff bubble tea fix in their stores in Chinatown, Rundle Mall, Mawson Lakes, Arndale Shopping Centre, Glynburn Plaza and Northpark Shopping Centre.

And if you are feeling a little lazy (we will not judge) you can also get the Biscoff bubble tea range on Uber Eats.

For more information, check out Coco Tea’s Facebook page.

If you want to get a full Biscoff experience, check out our guide to the best Biscoff treats in Adelaide.

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