Blu-ray/DVD Review: Air

Blu-ray/DVD Review: Air

Within a bunker, two maintenance workers are revived sporadically to care for the last of the human race until the day the Earth becomes habitable again.


There are a lot of theories about the dystopian future we seem doomed to live in, and most theories seem to revolve around the devastation of climate change, nuclear war, or the increasing powers of governments and corporations.

Air jumps on board this bandwagon with an exciting but claustrophobic thriller set in the distant future where a holocaust has poisoned the Earth’s air and the future of the human race is reliant on a select number of scientists who exist in a perpetual state of suspended animation. Within the vast concrete bunker, two maintenance workers are revived sporadically for short bursts of time to maintain the facility until the day the Earth becomes habitable again. When an electrical fire damages one of the men’s cots, the two friends threaten to become foes as they race against the clock to find an alternative before the air in the facility is switched off again.

Norman Reedus, of The Walking Dead, co-stars with model-turned-actor Djimon Hounsou under the focussed direction of Christian Cantamessa who keeps the camera work as tight as the confines of the bunker for much of the film. As the tension increases and the men’s situation worsens, the claustrophobia increases.

Despite having a made-for-television feel, which could simply be because of the limited set, Reedus and Housou both portray their characters’ deteriorating states of mind beautifully. They skilfully avoid melodrama despite the melodramatic situation they find themselves in.

With an appeal to both science fiction buffs and anyone seeking a good thriller, Air may not leave you gasping but it will take you along for the ride.

Bonus features on the release include two behind-the-scenes features: An Account of Confinement: Creating Air and The Custodians: Behind the Scenes with Norman Reedus and Djimon Hounsou

Reviewed by Rod Lewis
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Rating out of 10: 7

Air is releasing on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital on 15 October 2015.

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