BMX track proposed for Belair National Park

A flow and pump track has been proposed for Belair National Park, with the Department for Environment and Water supporting the project.

Photo: Escapegoat Adventures.

The proposal for a new flow and pump track at Belair National Park is taking shape, which is bound to create excitement amongst biking enthusiasts.

The Department for Environment and Water (DEW) has thrown its support behind the proposed track, which is spearheaded by Escapegoat Adventures.

The project has received a nod from DEW through its Nature-based Tourism Small Grants Program, showcasing a commitment to enhancing recreational offerings within the park.

DEW and Escapegoat Adventures are in the final stages of crafting a lease agreement, paving the way for the construction of the anticipated flow and pump track within the park’s boundaries.

This partnership aims to not only enrich the recreational landscape of Belair National Park, but also promote nature-based activities for the well-being of South Australians.

“Mountain biking has been a highly popular recreational activity within Belair National Park for a number of years. This includes a network of shared-use trails that span the park, complementing trails across the Mount Lofty Ranges and Mitcham Hills specifically,” a DEW spokesperson says.

“It is hoped this new flow and pump track will add to the range of mountain biking facilities available across the Mitcham Hills, attracting both visitors and locals alike.”

Belair National Park is set in beau­ti­ful nat­ur­al bush­land and is just a short drive from Adelaide’s city centre.

The proposed location for the pump track is at the former Belair Country Club, which has now been demolished, within the precinct of the former Belair Golf Course.

Situated adjacent to the former clubhouse/pro-shop, where Escapegoat Adventures currently operates a mountain bike hire business under a lease agreement, the site also connects to the recently established ‘Birdie Loop,’ a shared-use trail winding around the former golf course.

“The concept of developing a ‘bike flow and jumps track’ at the site was broadly supported by the community during public consultation in relation to the former Belair Golf Course. As such, it has been specifically included as a permitted activity at the site in the amended Management Plan for Belair National Park,” the DEW spokesperson says.

“It is also consistent with DEW’s goal of encouraging South Australians to boost their wellbeing by spending more time in nature.”

The new track will be a magnet for mountain biking enthusiasts across the Mitcham Hills, with potential to draw visitors from both near and far.

The construction of the flow and pump track will be a collaborative effort between Alpina Creations and Lighthouse Youth Projects, an organisation which offers at-risk youth valuable opportunities to develop skills and gain hands-on experience through their involvement in working on projects like this one.

The Lighthouse Group will be in charge of the majority of the handwork and they group is set to source any necessary earthwork fill for the proposed track.

The project will involve a day or two or earthwork, using vehicles such as a bobcat to move earth around and most of the rest of the work will completed by hand over the following week. Completion is expected within a week, with vehicles on-site for just a day or two.

The track will be open for public use at any time, without the constraints of fencing or closure, however the absence of lighting means usage is expected to be confined to daylight hours.

For more information about Escapegoat Adventures, click here.

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