Bold, Beautiful & Glam Life with Katherine Kelly Lang

Bold, Beautiful & Glam Life: Katherine Kelly Lang

Glam Adelaide interviews The Bold & the Beautiful star Katherine Kelly Lang as she brings a unique fashion collection to showcase on TVSN Australia.


image002Katherine Kelly Lang has arrived on Australian shores and she brings with her a unique fashion collection to showcase on TVSN.

The eternally youthful blonde who famously plays Brooke Logan on The Bold and the Beautiful has designed a range of gorgeous, versatile kaftans with an Australian business partner.

And although she’s designing and promoting her own fashion line, that is where the similarity between Lang and her character, Brooke, end.

“Brooke and me are two very different people, that’s for sure!” Lang laughed. “I’ve always loved fashion but I kind of enjoy my fashion. I don’t follow the trends so much and I love things like jeans and t-shirts and kaftans.”

“It fits my lifestyle of travelling and throwing it in the suitcase and wearing it to the beach with a bathing suit, throwing it on over a pair of shorts for lunch then dressing it up at night. You can wear the same kaftan all day!”

The 53-year-old has been performing on the wildly popular soap opera The Bold and Beautiful since 1987, but acting and fashion design are among a host of things she’s passionate about.

A keen cyclist and competitor in triathlons, Lang takes any opportunity to train, compete and participate in these type of events.

While she’s in Australia, Lang has been cycling around Sydney and has competed in one of the country’s most unique cycling events, Amy’s Gran Fondo (sponsored by TVSN).

“When we got here, we hopped on our bikes and rode around Sydney. We rode to Bondi Beach and then down near the airport and all the way back; we rode across Sydney Harbour Bridge and explored the city on our bikes,” she said.

“It’s very much like California here. Everyone is very down to earth, casual and not so serious. The weather and the area are very similar.”

Lang will appear on TVSN in Australia this week to present her range of kaftans before jetting off to Italy for Ballando con le stele, or Dancing with the Stars, as we’d say it here.


But before that, she will be spending some time here in Australia with people who have supported the charity she is ambassador for, Breakaway from Cancer.

“Breakaway from Cancer is four not-for-profit organisations that can help you as soon as you’re diagnosed with cancer all the way through the whole process,” she said.

“Cancer is a horrible thing and no one should have to fight it alone and this organisation really helps. One dollar from every kaftan sold goes to Breakaway from Cancer. I try to incorporate this charity into everything we do.”

The delightfully amiable Emmy nominated television star assures fans she won’t be leaving The Bold and the Beautiful any time soon but would love to see Brooke Logan develop a bit further.

“Brooke has evolved but I’d like her to evolve more. I’d like her to become a stronger character, maybe become CEO of Forrester Creations again or like when she created the Belief Formula; I’d like to see her do a few more things like that,” she said.


Although unable to pick a favourite on set moment, Katherine Kelly Lang said she has enjoyed her scenes with Susan Flannery (Stephanie Forrester) the most because of the fun they had together.

“I really loved the crazy scenes Brooke and Stephanie had. They were always so over the top and Susan played her part so perfectly, it was always so fun to be enemies with her,” she laughed.

“There were times when she tried to kill her, choke her, strangle her with a telephone cord or thrash her with a lamp; and slaps galore, my goodness! It was always so much fun!”

But in the relatively drama free kaftan fashion industry, Katherine Kelly Lang is enjoying life promoting her unique range of garments, which suit our Australian climate and lifestyle perfectly.

“The kaftans are great because they’re what I used to like when I was young, with the flowing material, beading, hand-stitching and hand-painted silks. I love the colours, the beauty and the natural feel. It’s also one size fits all so anyone can wear it,” she said.

Catch Katherine Kelly Lang on TVSN on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week, or purchase her Kaftans online at and feel as glamorous as the legendary television actress truly is.

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