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Bombay Beat’s authentic Nepalese Momos are a star dish at Brooklyn Park

Bombay Beat is serving up authentic Indian Cuisine on Henley Beach Road and Murray Bridge.

Foodies are calling Bombay Beat the best Indian Cuisine in South Australia, and its little wonder when you delve into the flavourful journey behind the bustling Brooklyn Park restaurant. 

Notching up a five-star Facebook rating, owner Jitender Soodan says the aromatic spices and flavours at Bombay Beat have been perfect over generations, from the villages of Lahore to Kasara, Delhi to Melbourne and are now spicing up the streets of both Adelaide and Murray Bridge. 

A star dish is the Nepali handmade Momo -steamed dumplings filled with Sichuan marinated chicken in a tomato, ginger and garlic sauce, roasted in the charcoal oven. 

The labour-intensive dish is only available at a handful of restaurants and at Bombay Beat, the Momos are made by Chef, Chiran Kandel, who hails from Nepal. It doesn’t get more authentic than that! 

Other popular dishes are the traditional Chilli Chicken and Punjab Goat Curry, slow cooked and left on the bone, Lamb Shank, Butter Chicken, Beef Madras and Seafood Curry.

“All our breads are crispy and flaky and customers say they can feel the flavour, which is wonderful to hear as our team has worked hard to perfect the Bombay Beat recipe,” – said owner Jitender Soodan. 

He said cooking from scratch, with freshly sourced and hand chopped ingredients, as well as infusing dishes with the power of ancient healing spices, was also a point of difference for the popular restaurant. 

Fresh ginger, garlic, onion and the ‘golden spice’, Turmeric – packed with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, make these flavour-packed dishes, not only a culinary treat, but add an element of well-being. 

When it comes to cooking Indian Cuisine, Jitender says the Tandoor is an essential tool, and unlike many other restaurants which have switched to gas tandoors for convenience, Bombay Beat uses a traditional clay Tandoor, fuelled by charcoal to cook dishes like Naan bread, Tandoori Chicken and Kebabs, 

“We believe that the traditional charcoal tandoor is still the best way to cook authentic Indian food,” Jitender said. 

“Charcoal Tandoors impart a unique smoky flavour to the food that simply can’t be replicated by Gas Tandoors. 

The charcoal also adds a subtle sweetness to the food that enhances its overall taste and the intense heat creates a crispy exterior, while keeping the interior moist and tender.” 

Bombay Beat has two stores, one at 55 Bridge Street Murray Bridge, and the other at 285 Henley Beach Road, Brooklyn Park. 

And if you’ve tried to call the Brooklyn Park restaurant recently and couldn’t get through, you can blame the Telco! Or just phone the number below and order your next meal. 

Is it time you discovered whether Bombay Beat is the best Indian Cuisine in South Australia?

Bombay Beat Authentic Indian
Dine-In and Take Away
Two Locations: 55 Bridge Street Murray Bridge & 285 Henley Beach Road Brooklyn Park. Phone: Contact: Murray Bridge 8513 4108 Brooklyn Park 0431 639 984
Check out the Menu: Click here

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