Boo! Get Yourself All Set For A Spooktacular Time This Halloween!

Boo! Get Yourself All Set For A Spooktacular Time This Halloween!

Get the pumpkins carved, the costumes out and the lolly bags ready to be filled with all the glorious sweet treats, Halloween is almost here!


It may be a bit of an American thing, but Halloween seems to have made its way to our shores and we think it is the perfect excuse to embrace the ‘holiday’ and have a little fun… Dress up, take the kids Trick or Treating and eat all of the lollies (we couldn’t bring ourselves to use the word candy) without feeling guilty!

It all happens this Saturday 31 October so if you haven’t thought about who or what you will be dressing up as then you had better get a move on! The clock is ticking….

Now of course Trick Or Treating is the highlight of Halloween. Going around to houses and knocking on doors just to have tonnes of lollies and chocolates and all the sweet treats thrown your way. Heavenly (and who says Halloween is just for kids…). However, the SA Police have issued an important message as we approach all the fun (and delicious) that will ensue.

Without sucking all the joy out of the event, it is important to talk to your kids about how to stay safe when they are out and about. To help the parents out there to make it easier, they have prepared a Halloween safety fact sheet, plus special posters for residents to display on their doors.

The fact sheet is a great help for parents and caregivers to see how they can ensure their children have a safe and enjoyable Halloween. You can download the factsheet here.

The posters for residents come in two forms: Yes to Trick or Treating or No to Trick or Treating. Stating the obvious but this will obviously help all the kids out when they come around to knocking on doors!

If your child is feeling artistic you can even print out some fun colour-in versions of the posters. Check them out here.

Whatever your plans are for Halloween we hope you have a spook-tacular (and safe) time!

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