Book Review: Accelerate Your Wealth, by Dale Gillham

An instructive and useful guide for beginners and experienced investors alike to attaining wealth responsibly in the stock market. It dispels the many myths of investing and breaks down investment jargon.


Chief Analyst of Wealth Within, Dale Gillham, and author of How to Beat the Managed Funds by 20% has produced his second investment strategy book, again likely to be another best seller.

Accelerate Your Wealth is an instructive and useful guide to attaining wealth responsibly in the stock market. If you have ever thought about entering the stock market, the tools provided in this book remove any perceived barriers. An enlightening and encouraging read.

It begins by dispelling the many myths of investing and breaks down investment jargon. By breaking each strategy down into a simple rule to live by, Dale provides both the beginner and experienced investor guidelines to follow with each investment vehicle. The tools provided are such that you can individualise your investment strategy to suit your own budget and capacity.

Dale’s explicit instruction would appeal to many as it truly engages the reader and empowers you with its simplicity. His passion to share knowledge is demonstrated by this simplicity yet his in-depth analysis of complex investment patterns and actual return on past investments also makes it attractive to the experienced investor.

It does not offer unrealistic advice, does not suggest that the path to riches will be quick, and does not ignore the emotional side of investing. Instead, he addresses all of these as red flags to the beginner or, as experiences not to be repeated by the familiar.

Accelerate Your Wealth offers simple rules and techniques to live by when investing in the stock market, and solutions to make it achievable for those on any investment budget and with any level of expertise.

Dale Gillham has over twenty five years of experience in the investment sector and is the co-founder of Wealth Within, an educational and advisory company for traders and investors of all backgrounds.

Reviewed by Rebecca Wu

Rating out of 10:  8

Distributed by: Stonehenge Publishing
Released: April 2018
RRP: approx $30 including P&H

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