Book Review: Confused, by Wanda Wiltshire

Book Review: Betrothed Book 3: Confused, by Wanda Wiltshire

The third book in the ‘Betrothed’ young adult fantasy series introduces a darker side of the Faery kingdom as the various story strands begin to connect.


The third in the Betrothed series begins tying loose ends and opens new cans of worms.

Confused sees the love triangle of Marla, Leif and Jack become even more complicated with the death of a close friend and the insertion of another into the mix. This chapter in the tale also sees the unexpected and shocking death of one of the human characters and reveals a kinder more compassionate side to King Telophy as he continues to waiver between monster and revered King in Marla’s eyes.

The people of Fae continue to disappear as Marla is determined to remain on Earth, despite her upcoming eighteenth birthday, immortality and Lysander’s decision to go and live in Faera to find their birth mother. Marla must also deal with her sister, Ashleigh who has fallen in love with Lysander and is now fighting everything around her as he moves away. Plans are made, a kidnap achieved and all of the lovers are forced to face trials whilst in Faera that could not have been predicted.

The darker side of the faery kingdom is explored, with the Shadow Fae (faery vampires of sorts) continuing to wreak havoc and the introduction of the Dark Fae (soul hunters who bargain with ordinary Fae to take their souls as a price for favours). The hint of dark magic is also woven through this story and is left open for the final book in the series.

As you read each book, the need to read the next becomes more compelling. I advise that you do not buy one book at a time, unless you have enough willpower to wait between each book. Buy the set and put aside some time as you will be wanting to see how the tale ends and who will be left standing.

Reviewed by Leanne Caune

Rating out of 10:  9

Released by: Pantera Press
Release Date: March 2016
RRP: $ 19.99

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