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Book Review: Buddha at Work, by Geetanjali Pandit

This book unlocks the secrets to keeping yourself motivated and energised and explains how you can achieve your productive best.

Simple and effective solutions to ensure we survive and thrive in today’s demanding business environments.

Let’s face it: life in the modern-day workplace can be demanding and stressful. Most of us spend almost a third of our adult lives at work, and many of us can struggle to rise above the hustle of work life. In this unique book, Buddha at Work: Finding Purpose, Balance and Happiness at Your Workplace, CEO Coach and author Geetanjali Pandit shares Buddhist wisdom on how to transform the common stresses and anxieties of the workplace into valuable opportunities for heightened wisdom and enhanced effectiveness.

Pandit shows us how life on the job – no matter what kind of work we do – can become one of the most engaging and fulfilling areas in our lives. She has over 20 years of experience in the corporate world and attributes her many achievements and successes to the application of Buddhist principles during her career.

With a beautiful narrative, Pandit shares her wisdom in a series of insightful conversations between herself and mentor, Gautam. Each chapter seamlessly interweaves between past (Buddha’s teachings) and present (how to apply these principles in the modern world), ending with a reflection exercise for the reader to complete to help develop an improved state of purpose, balance, and happiness. Buddha at Work is easy to read, accessible and infinitely practical, teaching mindfulness, meditation, affirmations, breathing techniques, gratitude practices and much more.

For many, work is the last place in our lives we expect to experience satisfaction, fulfilment, or spiritual growth. This highly relational and down-to-earth book shows us otherwise, blending spiritual implications and practical applications, and offering simple and effective solutions to ensure we survive and thrive in today’s demanding business environments.

A must-read for young people new to the workforce or people already on a professional path, helping all readers experience more meaningful moments in the workplace, and ultimately guiding them to achieve their true potential.

Reviewed by Chelsea Filmer

Distributed by: New Holland Publishers Australia
Released: September 2018
RRP: $22.99

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