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Book Review: BuildHer, by Rebeka Morgan & Kribashini Hannon

DIY: Whether you’re contemplating a renovation or are flipping your third property, this book caters for all levels of experience in building & construction.

An invaluable and well-considered bible for home builders and renovators.

The BuildHer Collective was established in 2017 by Kribashini Hannon & Rebeka Morgan, a commercial construction project manager and registered builder, respectively. With the aim of sharing their knowledge with other Australian and New Zealand women, the duo has released their first book to help guide their target audience through building or renovating a home.

The information contained within the covers of this near-300-page tome outlines the steps from planning and designing through to budgeting and construction. Spacing the heavy text with bright photos doesn’t make this a light read. It’s for the serious home builder who wants to know the nitty gritty of tenders, project management and every other detail.

Looking at the section on The Kitchen (page 156-171) as an example of the detail, the photos provide inspiration while the text discusses kitchen layouts, pantry space, appliances, ovens and stovetops, kitchen joineries, benchtops, cupboards and drawers, handles, finishes and splashbacks.

The information is laid out logically using very clear section and chapter headings. The style of writing is very personable and casual, with the authors finding a great balance of imparting dry information with the charm of a friendly chat.

Although written for women, the information is valuable irrespective of gender. Experienced home builders should find useful knowledge alongside novices. For readers outside of Australia and New Zealand, some of the details may differ, but the processes and considerations should be similar in most western countries. The BuildHer Collective website and podcast provide additional material for anyone building or renovating.

BuildHer is a comprehensive DIY guide written by two experts in the field. It is a very well-considered volume that deserves to become the new bible for home builders and renovators.

Reviewed by Rod Lewis
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Distributed by: Simon & Schuster Australia
Released: April 2021
RRP: $45.00

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