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Book Review: Dinosaur Day Out, by Sara Acton

Sally and Max’s dad buy them a book on dinosaurs but he spends the day buried in the book and missing the real adventure.

There's a good lesson for both kids and their parents in this fun adventure.

Sara Acton, who trained as an art teacher, has written and illustrated another book for young readers. She has written many books but IS perhaps the best known is her first picture book, Ben and Duck.

Her new picture book, Dinosaur Day Out, is about two children, Sally and Max, who love dinosaurs. Their dad is taking them to the exhibition at the museum, but when they arrive, the exhibit is closed for the day. So, dad buys a book about dinosaurs instead. They head into the city but unfortunately dad spends the rest of the story with his head in the book reading facts about dinosaurs. He misses the excitement of his children as they discover dinosaurs hiding everywhere!

This is a great book for all those young lovers of dinosaurs. There is information about each one and colourful illustrations. Dinosaurs are also going about their day, doing what dinosaurs do.

Children are able to discover the dinosaurs along with Sally and Max. This added feature of searching for dinosaurs or clues on each page is enjoyable because we can see them with the children, but dad is missing out entirely.  Children always love to search for things in pictures, and this one is especially fun because sometimes there is only a hint.

There is also a timely reminder to parents. The dad spends the whole day with the children but misses out on all their experiences and is not listening to the children at all. How often does that happen in this digital age? It is a reminder to be in the moment and make the most of every chance you have to spend time with your children. Perhaps read them a book.

Dinosaur Day Out also teaches the children that even though something might go wrong, or things don’t go your way, there is often a silver lining. A good lesson for everybody.

This is an enjoyable book for young children, especially those who, more often than not, know more about dinosaurs than their parents.

Reviewed by Sue Mauger

Distributed by: Walker Books Australia
Released: September 2018
RRP: $24.99


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