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Book Review: How to Get Ahead in Business with Office Cat, by Ariana Klepac & Pete Smith

An inspurrational Meownagement Guide on how to develop a workplace of choice for both human and feline staff, from productivity issues to cat naps.

Any animal lover will tell you that, treated well, dogs are obediently yours, but a cat will always consider themselves to be your superior. It seems only fitting therefore that this indispensable guide to office productivity and etticat should be presented by a purrfessional.

How to Get Ahead in Business with Office Cat is a Meownagement Guide that thoughtfully lays out tips and tricks on communication, body language, branding, networking, job interviews, meeting protocols and how to encourage creativity and productivity in your staff.

officecat200The book is sprinkled with quotes from some of history’s most inspurrational individuals including Sigmund Furred, Whiskers Churchill and George W Bushtail. For ease of reading, there are several quick lists, including Office Cat’s Top 6 Tips for Business and a Checklist for Office Innovation.

Rife with comedy, wisdom, and really cute selfies of Office Cat, the writing is succinct and simple, with each chapter explaining how to meet the demands of both feline and human staff. The typewriter font is hard on the eyes at times but the 185x160mm coffee table format and just the nature of the beast lends itself to picking up to read random chapters rather than cover to cover.

If you prefer to laze about in bed, working from a laptop, How to Get Ahead in Business with Office Cat is written especially for you. If you are keen to develop a workplace of choice for employees, then Office Cat knows exactly how to entice the most appropriate staff to suit a cat-friendly environment.

Dog lovers may find this book too frustratingly true to enjoy, but cat lovers will undoubtedly unite over the book’s final quiz to see if you are destined for greatness from a cat’s perspective.

Reviewed by Rod Lewis
Twitter: @StrtegicRetweet

Rating out of 10:  7

Released by: Simon & Schuster Australia
Release Date: October 2016
RRP: $24.99 Hardcover

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