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Book Reviews: I Can Be a Socceroo/I Can Be a Matilda, by Kyla May

I Can Be A Matilda

Two companion picture books to inspire young boys and girls to play soccer.

Cute picture books with great graphics but inspiration for the game will ultimately come from the adults who read it to the children.

Feature image credit: Penguin Books Australia

These two companion picture books for young children are official merchandise of Football Australia, sold through Penguin Books Australia.

Each glossy, 16-page cardboard book is a colourful ode to the game of soccer, taking the young reader through the moves of the sport and showing how we can all aspire to something great when we grow up. I Can Be a Matilda uses young female characters, and I Can Be a Socceroo uses young male characters.

There are some technical terms that adults may need to explain, such as dribbling the ball or doing a worldie, but any fan of Australia’s two national soccer teams can explain them.

Teamwork and having fun are the clear messages in the books, whether playing with family and friends or as part of a soccer team. But the words are few, overshadowed by the colourful double-page cartoons credited to Kyla May Ptd Ltd.

Ultimately, this pair of picture books sets out to excite youngsters about the game. With a soccer ball on hand (so to speak) and with the added enthusiasm of the adults around them, it should be easy enough to bring that passion to life.

Reviewed by Rod Lewis
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Distributed by: Penguin Books Australia
Released: February 2023
RRP: $12.99 each

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