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Book Review: I Love My Dog Embroidery, by Kokovkina Oksana

Fun designs, template and instructions on how to immortalise your dog!

380 stitch motifs for parents of pooches!

Designer and author Kokovkina Oksana will be better known to her followers as MakikoArt. Designs were also contributed by Chloe Redfern from Chloe Redfern Embroidery; Mia Alex from How Could You? Clothing; Valentina Castillo Mora from Insanitynice; Miho Starling from mipomipo handmade; Anja Lehmann from Solipandi; and Elizabeth Dabczynski from Stitch People.

The book is chock full of 380 designs, detailed how-to instructions, stitch guides and templates to get you started on embroidering a picture of your special friend. The book begins with pictures of completed embroideries of 96 different motifs covering breeds from an Akita to a Weimaraner.

I like the way the book has thirty plus pages of completed examples, no doubt to whet the reader’s appetite, before talking about the nuts and bolts of embroidering motifs. When you see such cute results, who would not want to create a picture of their own dog?

The instructions are clearly set out and include the basics of tools and materials and excellent photographs detailing the fifteen individual stitches such as Chain stitch, French knots, and Lazy Daisy used throughout the book. There is even a complete alphabet of dog breeds for you to stitch. These are all outline designs which would be good for a novice to start on.

Full size templates are provided for you to trace onto the fabric and on the opposite page are details of the stitch, number of strands and colour needed to reproduce the design. With lots of numbers and letters these may appear confusing but just carefully read the key and you’ll soon find them easy enough to follow.

I quite like some of the project inspiration ideas such as a glasses case or jewellery but an embroidered bandana for your dog seems a little odd. However, once you’ve mastered the embroidered motifs, you’ll doubtless come up with lots of inspiration yourself. For more experienced embroiderers there are details of how to customise designs to suit your particular pet by changing thread colours and substituting different stitches.

Reviewed by Jan Kershaw

Distributed by: Allen & Unwin
Released: December 2018
RRP: $24.99

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