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Book Review: I Want to Be a Superhero, by Breanna Humes

PICTURE BOOK: Breanna, who wants to be a superhero, asks family and friends if she can become one by wishing upon a shooting star.

Working hard and dreaming big can help you become a superhero.

Breanna Humes was born in Canberra.  After finishing high school at Toowomba State School, she is now studying Environment Sciences at the University of Southern Queensland. I want to be a Superhero is her first book, which she wrote when she was eight years old. It has been published by Magabala Books which is based in Broome Western Australia and is Australia’s leading Indigenous publishing house. Humes is from the Noongar, Gunditjmara, Wiraderjiri and Jawoyn peoples. Illustrator Ambelin Kwaymullina belongs to the Palyku people in the eastern Pilbara region.

This is Hume’s story. When she was young, she always wanted to be a superhero and fly. She had a dream but many told her it was unattainable. She thought that if she could wish upon a star it might come true. Pop was supportive of her dream and helped her find a star to wish upon. She eventually realises that there are many superheroes in this world and if you follow your dreams and work hard you can become one yourself. But… you may not be able to fly.

The illustrations are colourful with interesting lined backgrounds. They are a great addition to the story. The ending unfortunately is quite abrupt. There could have been more made of having to work hard and needing time to achieve your goals. It feels unfinished and as though the child is disappointed with the choices. It also needed to finish on a more positive note.

I Want to Be a Superhero has been written to encourage young children to dream big and achieve their goals. They can be anything if they put their mind to it.

Reviewed by Sue Mauger

Distributed by: Magabala Books
Released: November 2020
RRP: $24.99

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