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Book Review: Investing With She’s on the Money, by Victoria Devine

FINANCE: The ultimate millennial investment guide from the award-winning, number one bestselling author of She’s on the Money.

Highly recommended for anyone who’s even thinking about investing.

Financial adviser, entrepreneur, and founder of the chart-topping She’s on the Money podcast, Victoria Devine has penned her second book: an entry-level guide to investing, written with a female audience in mind.

While anyone interested in investing could apply the strategies outlined in Devine’s book, the advice is specifically tailored to women by highlighting their unique financial struggles, such as summoning the confidence to ask questions when the finance industry is dominated by men, or the frustration of not being taken seriously as you try to take control of your finances. As such, Investing with She’s on the Money stands out from other money guides and makes investing seem far less daunting to an audience that has not traditionally had access to this information.  

This book is not just for those who are already wealthy or in positions of privilege. Even folks who don’t have a lot to spare may benefit from Devine’s lessons about finding and rewriting your money mindset, learning who you are as a risk-taker, and understanding super. Though Devine’s first book, She’s on the Money, is mentioned a few times throughout this one, you don’t need to have read it (but now I want to!). 

Through 13 carefully planned chapters, the author covers the investment basics, including terminology you’ve heard before but felt too embarrassed to ask about. She provides comprehensive information on shares and property, two of the most common investment types, and also dives into the ethics behind investing before outlining specific investment strategies and a breakdown of tax. She ends with a step-by-step investment plan that allows the reader to come up with their own strategy, with the help of a few interactive exercises. The content may not offer many revelations for a reader seasoned in finance, but for total newbies, this book makes the world of investing seem much less scary and much more accessible.    

Devine’s voice is knowledgeable and informative, but she never talks down to the reader or risks losing their attention, *even* when talking about taxes. Instead, her definitions and explanations are interlaced with humour, personal anecdotes, and a kind voice that constantly reinforces the why behind her message: financial education is vital to empower women to lead their best lives.

Naturally, and as Devine points out several times, the best investment advice is customised to each person’s situation. But the book still contains strong generalised advice, offering suggestions and solutions for a broad range of hypothetical scenarios.

If you think you might be interested in investing but don’t know where to begin, Investing with She’s on the Money is the perfect gateway to a world that is no longer reserved for men in business suits.  

Reviewed by Vanessa Elle
Instagram: @vanessaellewrites

This review is the opinion of the reviewer and not necessarily of Glam Adelaide.

Distributed by: Penguin Books Australia
Released: September 2022
RRP: $32.99

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