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Book Review: Life in Flow, by Kate Kendall

HEALTH: A practical and contemporary guide to ‘living’ yoga on and off the mat through simple moving meditations and breathwork.

A good and useful book, particularly for those wanting to incorporate the philosophies of yoga into everyday life

Kate Kendall takes the philosophy of yoga and applies it to daily living, making Life in Flow more than just another yoga instructional guide on the market.

Her style is friendly, inspiring and down to earth but there’s a lot of text to read. This isn’t a follow-the-bouncing-ball type of book. It’s a personal journey from someone who opens up about both the challenges and benefits of incorporating yoga into your daily life.

Each section has a decent sized introduction and contains personal stories that are relatable, living examples of the topic at hand. Inspiration is a key factor in Kendall’s first person narrative and there’s none more personal than sharing the eulogy she gave at her own father’s funeral.

The mantras in the book each come with their own moving meditation that uses instructional text and photographs for the reader to copy. They are simple to follow and incorporate yoga movements into the mindful meditations. As the name implies, a moving meditation is one where you incorporate slow movements (such as yoga or tai chi) into the meditation, providing physical benefits along with the mental and emotional benefits of clearing or refocussing the mind.

The photography by Amanda Prior, Chen Ryan and Bianca Cheah suit the purpose although there’s a few to many gratuitous selfies-style images of the author for my taste.

Why nicely laid out and colourful, the book suffers badly from poor colour contrast. A lot of coloured text is placed over lighter shaded backgrounds of the same colour. Larger, cursive text is used to highlight specific thoughts but these are also difficult to read at times. It’s a badly chosen font.

Life in Flow is a good and useful book overall, particularly for those wanting to incorporate the philosophies of yoga into their life instead of just popping in for a class once a day. Like all things of this ilk, an individual can adopt as much or as little as suits them but even a slow start offers the promise of a happier, healthier and more peaceful state of mind.

Reviewed by Rod Lewis
Twitter: @StrtegicRetweet

Book Distributed by: Murdoch Books
Released: March 2019
RRP: $35

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