Book Review: My Grandpa is Amazing, by Nick Butterworth

A delightful picture book looking at all the wonderful things that a grandfather can do, from playing games to being patient and administering first aid to teddy bears.


This is the fourth book in Nick Butterworth’s fabulous children’s series about family. The previous titles – My Dad is Brilliant, My Mum is Fantastic and My Grandma is Wonderful – were also illustrated by the author.

Each page of this pintsized book (150x180mm) is a double-spread affirmation of the fun and kind things that a grandfather does. The text is basic, kept to one brief sentence per opening, with colourful, energising drawings that put the words into action. There’s plenty for a parent or guardian to talk about on each page, whether it be the action involved, the few items in each picture, or being able to compare this grandpa to the child’s own relatives. It begs the question “and what else does your grandpa do?” to help the child build gratitude.

In Butterworth’s story Grandpa is amazing because “He builds fantastic sand-castles…” “and he makes wonderful flower arrangements…” amongst other topics that include first aid, dancing, playing games, and being patient. I note Grandpa’s actions don’t always coincide with traditional male stereotypes, which is so vital in helping the adults of tomorrow to break free of the limitations caused by gender-based roles.

The book is printed on thick, glossy card, making it durable. It’s written for toddlers and young kids, and provides positive behaviours that enhance the experience and importance of sharing time together.


Reviewed by Rod Lewis
Twitter: @StrtegicRetweet

Rating out of 10:  10

Distributed by: Walker Books Australia
Released: September 2018

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