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Book Review: One Night Stand, by Simon Taylor

COMEDY: This is a sex education book disguised as a funny novel.

Will have you laughing from page one onwards!

You may know Simon as the comedic writer for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, or Shaun Micacallef’s Mad as Hell. With over a decade of comedic experience in multiple areas, he has finally converted one of his hilariously successful shows to print, with his debut novel One Night Stand.

Taylor’s book is based on a true event that occurred in his own life whereby a one-night stand resulted in the possibility of making him a father. It captures everything that goes through one’s mind when dealing with such unexpected news.

In the novel, the character is Ben Thomas and the one-night stand is with Natasha Peters. The emotional roller coaster and decision-making process of Ben is penned as such that from the first chapter onwards, I was laughing out loud. It is entirely written from the perspective of Ben.

Simon Taylor’s extraordinary ability to express himself through humour is in such a way that we can see ourselves as that person in a state of suffering yet at the same time we find ourselves laughing about the catastrophe. The book has short chapters, much dialogue and is written with simple vocabulary. This enhances the connection to the reader as you just enjoy it without analysis, even though the premise of the book is a serious event. 

With a simply designed cover and lovely textured pages, it also feels nice to read. Likely any booklover would enjoy this book, however it will particularly speak to the core if you have been in the situation yourself, or if you are a parent. 

Taylor began writing One Night Stand after he was approached by Larrikin House, who had noticed his comedic talents. The book is already a hit debut, with all Dymocks stores out of stock within four weeks of its release date. If you are fortunate enough to see Simon Taylor at the Adelaide Fringe in his hilarious stand-up comedy The Best of Everything He’s Ever Done Ever, however, you will still be able to take the humour home with this novel; and best of all, it will be signed.

You can keep up with Simon Taylor’s work by visiting his website here.

Reviewed by Rebecca Wu

Published by: Larrikin House
Released: 1 February 2021
RRP: $22.50

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