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Book Review: Perfectly Imperfect, by Ailsa Robson

Follow one sassy woman’s journey through insecurity, cosmetic surgery, relationships, and motherhood.

Ailsa Robson’s 'Perfectly Imperfect' isn’t just for mothers. It’s for women.

Ailsa Robson’s Perfectly Imperfect reflects on the woman’s journey with raw, unadulterated honesty. This collection of blogposts follows her struggles through insecurity, cosmetic surgery, relationships and motherhood. Ailsa – yes, we’re on a first name basis now – often admits to ‘spilling it out’ in her writing, offering the disclaimer of it being a ‘private blog’.

Well, not anymore…

Her snapshot-stories span six life-changing years and offer her readers insight into every gut-wrenching and joyous moment. Perfectly Imperfect celebrates the importance of reflecting, contemplating and practising self-compassion.

Ailsa’s motivation is clear from the beginning – to be a healthy influence for her daughters ‘who haven’t yet created their own internal damning whispers’. Ailsa doesn’t sugar-coat motherhood and its difficulties – especially while her husband was working away for lengths of time. She aptly describes the maternal guilt that strikes when she needs ‘me time’ and the internal battle that rages. After all, what would people say? Then again, perhaps it was just what she needed to avoid turning into the ‘yelling banshee Mumma and the whining wifey’ – neither of which are the real her, as I can now testify. The real her was simply ‘trapped under a mountain of mummy responsibilities’ and couldn’t get out.

Despite having a maternal focus, this book isn’t just for mothers. It’s for women. It’s for any woman who has struggled with insecurity, destructive relationships, dieting, IVF, body shaming, or running on empty; or perhaps just a woman who has a fetish for personified exercise equipment – just wait till you meet Keith!

Ailsa is sassy and relatable as she paints the picture of her perfectly imperfect self, striving to regain control of her life.

The short blogpost format means it’s an easy read, even for women on the go who can’t commit to lengthy chapters. If you do have time, I’d recommend sitting down with a coffee and spending some quality time with Ailsa, relaxed on the couch or at the beach (since Ailsa’s such a water baby), and allow her to talk to you like one would an old friend. Perhaps, she would even leave you with A Mother’s Prayer to keep you going:

Head space
Alone with my thoughts
Still in my body & breath
This is what I crave
Elusive sacred
me time
To stop & process
To dream & manifest
Please grant me Grace
And Space

Amen to that!

Reviewed by Elizabeth Calder

Distributed by: Boadicea Books and available through Amazon Australia
Released: January 2019
RRP: $38.50 hardcover, $32.95 paperback, $11.25 eBook

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